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After his suspension from WhirledRON_Energy six years ago, Power Services supervisor Krieg-G-EAR-3 utilized illegal connections in CPU to establish a secure black market server where clones dissatisfied with their current assignments could requisition new placements, and supervisors could seek out new employees, all outside the normal channels. This service quickly gained a sizable underground following among disaffected clones eager for alternatives to their proper places in the social order.

While KriegsList always retained its primary function as an illegal employment requisition board, it expanded into a forum for the exchange of all sorts of goods and services. Everything from lightly scuffed PenBots to ingots of Uri-Glutonium332 were bought and sold every daycycle. Unlike the free exchanges on the illegal file-sharing Zapster network or the bidding system on the auction site C-Bay, KriegsList policy held all sales to a fixed price, generally in terms of unlicensed credits and Mercantile Enterprises Troubleshooter Travelers Cheques (METro_Cheques)1. Early infiltration of the KriegsList core servers allowed Internal Security to monitor all transactions on the board, transforming it into a useful asset for tracking treasonous activity in Alpha Complex.

Halle-B-RTN-4’s connection with Krieg-G is unclear, but we believe that she obtained some sort of leverage against him, most likely evidence of treason, that gave her power over him. Within a year, Halle-B gained control of the largest single chunk of KriegsList black market stock, giving her authority over the KriegsList server.

Under Halle-B’s management, KriegsList took a sharp turn for the worse. The site became a hotbed for the fraudulent exchange of “lost” and “stolen” METro_Cheques and for the laundering of credits from a variety of secret societies, most notably Free Enterprise. Worse, all credits funneled through the server came attached with Questionable_Credit_Licenses, many of which have not yet been fully dissected by R&D. In addition, the broad reach and effectiveness of the corrosive Viral_Thought_Patterns employed by the site’s viral marketing techniques led to an Alpha Complex-wide work efficiency reduction of 1.07%, and the increased visibility that viral marketing brought to KriegsList made it difficult to maintain the fiction that the site was free of infiltration by IntSec. But it wasn’t until a routine IntSec probe discovered the presence of ULTRAVIOLET-rated security software on the board, capable of screening specific transactions even from IntSec scrutiny, that it became necessary to liquidate KriegsList and its traitorous clientele.

Analysis of KriegsList records has been slow due to heavy encryption and the loss of much of the relevant IntSec analysis in the ULTRAVIOLET_Massacre. As a result, there may be a wealth of critical information still buried in their databases; but for now, we’ve found a few tidbits of information that seem germane to this committee’s lines of inquiry:

A post-mortem analysis of KriegsList financial databases revealed a credit tap that channeled millions of credits per weekcycle from KriegsList accounts directly to the personal account of Ken-U-RON-6. Charges of embezzlement and fraud against Ken-U resulted in probation and a fine of 20,000 credits.


  1. Don’t leave your sector without them! (1)

  2. No connection with citizen Brush-U-TTH has been demonstrated. Yet. (2)

  3. The following citizens, referenced elsewhere in this report, were present in BBY sector at the time: Inigo-R-ANT-2, My-O-PIC-2, and Cap-I-ICE-5. Information regarding the movements of ULTRAVIOLET citizens into or out of BBY sector is not currently available. (3)

  4. Reference: Committee IC48934-Q23-HX45. (4)

  5. I am not, nor have I ever been, affiliated with Vermilion Developments. (5)

-- Jan-U-ARY-31

Refs: METro_Cheques, Questionable_Credit_Licenses

Cross Refs: Bile_Suppressant, Committee_IC48934-Q23-HX45, CyberChomp_4000, Defective_Batch_ACA675T09-XXXX, Dentagrip, F334.97A/40+/zRG7_(Mass_Termination_(T#>40)_Request_Form), Group_Assignment_Services_Exchange_Scheme_(GASES), GOD_Complex, Halle-B-RTN-4, ItemsInQuestion, Loose-I-FER-1, Mollusc, OmniPipeTechServ, PenBot, Project_Finite_Hole, Project_Infinite_Hole Rasp-U-TIN-1, Remote_Surveillance_Drones, Secret_Societies_Involved_In_the_Toothpaste_Disaster, ToothpasteRebellion, ULTRAVIOLET_Massacre, Uri-Glutonium332, Vermilion_Developments, VIOLET_Supervisors, Viral_Thought_Patterns, Vulture_Squadron_Bravo_9, WhirledRON_Energy, Zapster


I never know which aspect of KriegsList bothered me the most-- the proliferation of Armed Forces weaponry, the leaking of prototype R&D gear, or the brisk trade in pre-approved paperwork.

I'm intrigued by the re-appearance of the “Tax Code 2003” Item. From Hate-U-APR-15 to Rasp-U-TIN (through how many other hands?) to Halle-B-RTN to someone else... Two and a half million credits is a pretty big chunk of change, especially if it was unlicensed. Shouldn't be too hard to figure out where it went with a little more homework.

-- Knok-U-OUT-6

Most of the Armed Forces weapons trade was on C-Bay anyway, so don't to see much change in that department. But the pre-approved paperwork? We can only hope.

As to the "Tax Code," if I understand the timing correctly, Hate-U was the last one to lay hands on it. Rasp-U sold it to Halle-B, who sold it to someone else, who left it with the rest of the ItemsInQuestion for reasons we have yet to understand. Then Hate-U got hold of it during the analysis phase, and you know the rest.

-- Jan-U

Random interrogations succeed yet again!

Thanks to the ample supply of traitors my previous clone kept on the rack "just in case", I was quickly able to find one that confessed a connection to the "Tax Code". Shirley-B-IRS was originally a member of PLC service firm Forms Eternal before she was convicted of bad cursive writing and added to Drake's Assembly of Traitors.

She said that her firm, looking for the next breakthrough in form-making, learned of the "Tax Code" form. It was renowned in Old Reckoning Times for driving form-fillers to the brink of madness. (For those not in the know, one of the key scores in rating forms is Frustration Factor. Only the most loyal clones can complete high-Frustration forms without revealing their treason by answering a question wrong or blasting a clerk's head off.)

Hoping to take notes from the "Tax Code" form, the Forms Eternal workers pooled their money together and gave it to the Board, which promptly bought it off of KriegsList. However, the form never arrived. Either someone stole it or it never completed its transit (in which case the other ItemsInQuestion should be listed somewhere on KriegsList). She did mention that even without the "Tax Code", Forms Eternal utilized its basic premise to make forms. The "Ch11" line of forms, which required the form-filler to calculate the payment necessary to fill them out, was so diabolical that the Review Board spontaneously executed the presentators. The forms were later rejected on the basis that they "would corrupt even the most loyal citizens".

She also mentioned that they pooled at least 3,000,000 credits, and was quite peeved to learn that the form only cost 2.5 million. The Board members must have shaved a bit off the top, despicable behavior for high-clearance citizens.

Unfortunately, clearance for the IDs of the Board members requires a couple hundred forms to be filled out and processed. Now, either I can have my Supervisors spend excessive time filling them all out and tack on "Waste of AC Resources" to the list of treasons executed, or I can have the Ultraviolet in charge of the company reveal the IDs themselves.

I have my suspicions... (see Laughing_Fun commentary)

-- Drake-U-LAH-2

You could just send the forms over to MAN sector. Omega-U's staff is so used to infinite Form Completion Form recursion loops that a mere couple hundred forms would be trivially easy for them.

-- Jan-U

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