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GeneScan ID#: 3872U-H2817 ***DISCONTINUED***

Service Group: PLC Service Firm: C-Bay

Commendation Index: 35 Treason Index: -3284 Overall Loyalty Indicator: ***ERROR: VALUE OUT OF RANGE*** Recommended Action: Terminate with extreme prejudice.

Known Mutations: None Suspected Mutations: None Known Secret Society Affiliations: Pro Tech, Free Enterprise Suspected Secret Society Affiliations: Computer Phreaks, Corpore Metal, PURGE


In the filthy nest of traitors, there are mice, there are rats, and there are gigantic rabid rats. Halle-B-RTN is one of the biggest rats of them all. Using her numerous contacts, personal "persuasion" skills, and economy network knowledge devious, her schemes & manipulations have caused numerous supply fluctuations throughout Alpha Complex while earning her billions of illegal credits.

Normally, such riches would be expected of a Free Enterpriser. Although she had connections with Free Enterprise, she was actually a member of Pro Tech. Investigation reveals that whatever profits she made were quickly spent on acquiring experimental items, which she uses to bolster Pro Tech's studies and her own ranking within the society.

A detailed analysis of the many conspiracies and treasonous actions she had her bloody hands is being prepared by IntSec for later release. Out of the 87,283 treasonous actions currently associated with her, the following are relevant to this report:

Despite a 8,000,000-credit bounty on her head, infamy as Alpha Complex's Most Wanted Traitor, and the participation of 1 out of 3 Internal Security teams in the search for her, a weekcycle has passed without a trace of her. I can only assume she managed to escape to the Outside, probably to Xavier_Central, where she can continue to wreck havoc in . Unfortunately, the Mission Group Assignment Transferral paperwork has been subjected to CPU's incompetance, delaying the deployment of Armed Forces search squads.

Also, despite standing orders to terminate on sight, I would prefer to capture her alive. After all the damage she's done to PLC, I would like to question her PERSONALLY.

-- Drake-U-LAH-1

Refs: Rasp-U-TIN-1, Xavier_Central

Cross-Refs: CyberHack_Programming_Helmet, Fire-and-Forgetpicks, Flo-U-RID-3, Four_Reactor_Foam_Flood, KriegsList, Special_Brain_Freshening_Unit_K, Toothpasty_Supplement_#5


Oh! At first I thought you were talking about Halle-B-ERY-4, who works for me, and I was thinking, Dang! I knew she was up to something but I had no idea... but now, on a second reading, I am much relieved. I won't have to terminate my Halle-B for a little while still, looks like.

-- Knok-U-OUT-6

Rasp-U-TIN-1, eh? So you've managed to point fingers at a "prime suspect" who isn't even on the commission, and thus not currently on the list of suspects? How convenient.

-- Jan-U-ARY-31

Jan-U, have you been taking your Memory Retainer Chemicals like you're supposed to? I'm sure you remember our good friend Rasp-U-TIN-1, the Traitor That Wouldn't Die. Although it looks like he's directly responsible for Flo-U's death & subsequent overkill, if you read the rest of the article you'd see that Halle-B also received a transfer of 2,500,000 credits from an anonymous account with Ultraviolet-level security locks on it. That transfer occured four hourcycles before the one involving Rasp-U-TIN.

Someone obviously contracted Rasp-U for this job through Halle-B. Who the evil mastermind is has yet to be determined.

-- Drake-U-LAH-1

I'm sure you remember our good friend Rasp-U-TIN-1, the Traitor That Wouldn't Die.

Presumably, she does. I certainly do.

Since then, I've been very wary about anyone who makes it to ULTRAVIOLET on clone #1. You never know what they might be hiding.


Should I take that personally, Err-U?

-- Mesh-U-GNA-1

You mean should we take that personally.

-- Drake-U-LAH-1

Only if you have something to hide.

-- Jan-U


-- Err-U

Now, what would any of us have to hide, Jan-U? After all, we're all just part of the great big happy Alpha Complex family, aren't we?

-- Mesh-U

There are traitors among us, Mesh-U. At least one High Programmer participated in the treasonous murder of Flo-U. Not that I'm saying it was you, of course... but I find it hard to believe that you don't understand how certain ULTRAVIOLETS might be hiding something.

-- Jan-U

Hell, at least one High Programmer participated in the treasonous murder of me!

-- Knok-U-OUT-6

Don't think that your previous clone's death gets you out of either accusation, Knok.

-- Drake-U-LAH-1


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