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Special Brain Freshening Unit K

Hello nice friend High Programmers.

As assigned by nice Friend Computer, interviews with Special Brain Freshening Unit K commenced as assigned. Regarding very bad Toothpaste_Disaster that occurred, interviews with nice HPD & Mind Control Brain Freshening personnel occurred as assigned.

Special Brain Freshening Unit K expert personnel showed brief entertaining vid explaining Brain Freshening mission, answered questions about very bad Toothpaste_Disaster, COL_gate_incident, Tuesday_Afternoon_Conspiracy, and ULTRAVIOLET_Massacre of which Special Freshening Unit was not involved. K Unit was not involved.

Sometimes citizens has your brain ever had a not-so-fresh feeling? K Unit freshens and rejuvenates and freshens brains and minds for maximum productivity and happiness; for mind purity that prevents not-so-nice incidents like Toothpaste_Disaster that Fresh Unit K had no involvement with. No K involvement.

I like nice things.



I believe this entry illustrates nicely why first-person experience as a means of data gathering is highly overrated. You didn't see me letting the Thirty-second_Flavor anywhere near my mouth. Just because you were assigned to report on them doesn't mean that you...

Oh, in Friend Computer's name, you even signed a release form...after the fact, I hope, or you were as dim then as you are now.

-- Err-U-DYT-9

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2013-06-13 14:00