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Is this thing on? Yeah... looks like it.

Ultraviolet Massacre! Feh! I'll Show you all an Ultraviolet Massacre. That bastard killed my entire clone-line. Corrupted my genescan so that it'd accomodate his own twisted memories. Turned me into a damn mutant with all the chemicals he used to 'clean up' the cloning lab, and left me for dead. Then, when I thought I might be safe, he started hunting me again... Screwed by the mutation he caused though... now whenever he gets close to me, I just "twiddle" away somewhere. Sometimes leave a bit of myself behind, though. Damn that hurts.

Had to damn near sell my soul to someone who called himself a "H@XX0R" to get access to this database. He made me do some really dispicable things, things I could do only because The Computer could be convinced that I was Him. But I'm here now. Someone got my messages. I thought I was safe. Then HE showed up again! Burnt me nearly to death with a damn flamethrower before I got away.

I know I'm dead now. Nothing I can do but take him with me.

Ultraviolet Massacre? Yeah. Yeah, that sounds good.

Love and burning mutant kisses...



File Attachment:  Mesh-R-GNA-6 Memomax file. 


The bastard couldn't take enough time out of his imminent demise to give us actual any actual data on the Ultraviolet Massacre? That's IT! I'm getting him a new clone just so I can upload his memory and beat it back out of him.


Not to belabor the obvious, but he's RED Clearance. He's not authorized to know any actual data about the ULTRAVIOLET Massacre.


Look, folks... I don't know who is fooling around here, but I guarantee I'll have them taken care of very shortly. And, if anyone's made a copy of that 'Memomax' file... I'd just delete it. It seems to be infected with some sort of virus, or something. Very dangerous, at any rate. Just to reiterate, my sixth clone is perfectly happy and well, with the rest of my clone family, and I do NOT know who this person is. I will however deal with them with extreme prejudice. In fact, I thought I already had...

-- Mesh-U-GNA-1

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2013-06-13 14:00