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WhirledRON Energy

WhirledRon. The name alone shows the shining example of HPD&MC's wonderful naming system.

Claims that the Power Services group mismanaged funding and energy throughout the Complex are mere tickboxes on the list of charges brought against them.

The founding clone's name and history have been lost to the shredd.... annals of history.

Stocks and interest in the company soared, reportedly.

Confirmation of this, too, is lost.

-- Screwz-U-BAD-3


"Lost to the shredder", my hindbrain! Ken-U-RON founded and chaired this atrocity, and he made a mint off of it, too. CPU is supposed to keep records on all financial transactions. Err-U, can you corroborate?

-- Jan-U-ARY-31

On a quick lookup: Ken-U did indeed found WhirledRON, and was their chair; there is no record of whether he had direct involvement with the daycycle-to-daycycle operations of the unit. Nor is it clear whether WhirledRON has officially been designated an Atrocity - the last evaluative notation indicates Severe Disgrace status, but there may be further already-complete evaluations going through the dispute process.

Ken-U did make a mint off of it, if by "mint" you mean "an awful lot of money" - though due to procedural regulations, he was not permitted to spend any of it until several monthcycles ago.

-- Err-U-DYT-9

I want to emphasize that any illicit gains made from this company were all the fault of Ken-U-RON-5 -- who, alas, died shortly after his promotion to ULTRAVIOLET in a freak flybot accident -- or possibly Ken-U-RON-6, who we all know went missing some time ago. I can't condone their actions, but fortunately Friend Computer recognizes that individual clones in a line may fall prey to weaknesses not present in the other members.

My first act once activated was to complete the consolidation of all RON sector power services into a single, trustworthy firm, so that problems of this nature will not occur again. I assure you all that this new company will be both profitable and practical, providing energy to all at a fair price, with none of the shenanigans some have accused my predecessors of.

It's enduring. Enterprising. Energized.

The name on everyone's lips?


-- Ken-U-RON-8

It sounds marvelous. I believe that I shall invest.

-- Jan-U

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