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Vermilion Developments

This is merely a PLC service firm from the HLK sector. It has positively no connection to anything the least bit treasonous. Furthermore, ...


Bah, the imposter can be quite annoying. This is #5 again, the only real Omega-U alive 1. Good thing he's still operating out of my old offices. Apparently, he doesn't know about all of the features I installed in them. Oh well, he'll learn. I probably shouldn't, but I had better let him live for now so that I can continue to spy on them and learn what they're up to.

Speaking of which, that brings me to the Vermilion Developments. #1337 was quite correct when he said that they were a PLC service firm from the HLK sector, but they're really quite a treasonous bunch. They should not have been allowed to funnel those credits to the Tuesday_Afternoon_Conspiracy, and they would not have been had the Illuminati not maneuvered Jan-U and I into that little tiff to distract us, while Drake-U seems to be going mad (or has he been replaced, as they've tried to do with me? then again, #1 was clearly insane...) and Knok-U-OUT seems to be busy with... other activities, like slandering all of us with baseless accusations of treason. Personally, I suspect him of unleashing the QuieTime on Kill-U-DED, but I think that the whole incident was just staged to confuse us2. Basically, PLC is really dropping the ball on this one, and at least I have the excuse of having to fend off and hide from the Illuminati ...

Anyhow, let's just say that VD is making good use of this being an experimental sector used by AF. They've managed to secure plenty of weapons and training programs for their clone army from this base of operations. They've also generated a lot of revenue (and gotten their hands on a number of very powerful, illegal items) by being a channel for illegal goods (ref: KriegsList). In the mean time, Cond-I-RCE seems to have been working to burry the link between her and this, because Halli-B-RTN's involvement in setting up this firm seems to have been almost ignored, save that Cond-I was offed quickly enough to avoid uncovering the real links, and everyone was more concerned by her selling her shares in it at the right time than about the more sinister connections. I mean, sure, the way she sold those shares was highly treasonous (and their greed may yet be their undoing), but I doubt this was really as much about the money as about hiding the truth, as VD has plenty of credits here.

Now then, from what I understand, their clone army is an offshoot of the Men_in_Infrared. That is, the clones they're making are disguised as INFRAREDs (unless they're posing as someone else, e.g. me, with those ID C/ARDs they have). I believe that the whole clone army is actually being kept outside, in Xavier_Central, as well, where they're training their mutant powers. Hopefully, I'll see more of what they're up to when I investigate that. I note that a number of my fellow panelists have taken trips out there, apparently including Drake-U-LAH-1, Brush-U-TTH-9 and perhaps even Jan-U-ARY-313.

For those who are expressing skepticism of the Illuminati involvement, let me just say that I'm not claiming to know what goal they have in all this, but what's in the works looks to be another incident on the scale of the Toothpaste_Disaster itself. Their real goal could be anything from wiping out every clone in the complex and tampering with all the cloning equipment so that they have absolute control over the next clones that develop, to TRANSMISSION ERROR

For reference, I've compiled a list of VD activities by sector, I think that we all have some work to do:

ARY Sector

BAD Sector

CRY Sector

DED Sector

DON Sector

DYT Sector

GNA Sector

GOT Sector

HLK Sector

LAH Sector

LAT Sector

LEG Sector

LFO Sector

LTR Sector

MAN Sector

MOR Sector

NIX Sector

OUT Sector


RIT Sector

RNY Sector

RON Sector

RUK Sector

TTH Sector

VPR Sector

WTZ Sector

I'm sure that there are probably more sectors that they're operating in, but your sectors seem to have the most reliable data, hopefully because you've been more on-guard against treasonous activities (no doubt also a factor in why we're on this panel). So we're left to sort through this morass of treasonous activity to see if we can discern whatever plan they're coming up with. Which parts of this are meant to distract us? Which parts are real? I hope to find out when I investigate the nefarious activities taking place in Xavier_Central! Or rather, when I release my report on it. I mean, with the Illuminati about, you didn't think I would advertise the fact that I was heading there, did you?


That's strange... where did that transmission error come from? I forgot what I was saying back there, too... I was just kidding, I mean, I think I was...

  1. Fear not, #1-4 were all vaporized with honors for their loyal service to Friend Computer, so they won't ever come crawling out of the woodwork to confuse you further. (1)

  2. Really, just how often do the real traitors SIGN the evidence against them, unless they have a cone rifle aimed at their heads? (2)

  3. I don't know when or if Jan-U actually visited it, but she did mention something like a desire to go there for some reason. (3)

  4. I may have to change my name after all this confusion. I was thinking of disguising myself as an INFRARED and going by Mega-MAN. What do you all think? (4)

  5. They've requisitioned a scale model of some edifice called Stonehenge, a copy of "Old Reckoning Reality TV" and a great many holovid recorders, among other things. (5)

-- Omega-U-MAN-5


The clone army is not being headed by Jang-O-FET -- that would just be stupid.

-- Brush-U-TTH-9

Who is he? Reminds me of some AF clone I heard a brief mention of, once.

-- Omega-U-MAN-5

A "fiendish exercise machine"? No wonder the techs couldn't figure out what it was. The machine has been located - some time ago, actually. It was the third device attached to the DYT sector Paste-n'-Spackle pipeline. (See Borscht_Generator.)

At any rate. The vast majority of what you've reported looks like diversions, and things fit for local sector administrators to clean up, investigate, or deal with.

Is there some reason Vermillion Developments hasn't been shut down/wiped out yet, given the immense quantity of treasonous activity in which they seem to be engaging? It's not like the paperwork for shutting down a Service Firm is that complicated; nor is HLK sector is an impregnable fortress. I expect the surviving members will just go underground, but that does have the beneficial effect of limiting their options.

-- Err-U-DYT-9

VD is nowhere near as treasonous as "#5" claims. Personally, I think that he is the one using information distortion to impersonate one of the upstanding clones of the Omega-U line. In any event, he probably hasn't shut it down because I have him running for his life while he annoys me by spying on me and popping in at odd places to "investigate" this rediculous "Illuminati plot." I've been driven from my quarters already by his spying, I really must terminate him so that I can get on with my work. He's already ruined two perfectly good entries I had written...

Perhaps I should send this new & improved Magic_Hate_Ball Mk. II after him? It would be a fitting end...

-- Omega-U-MAN-1337


2013-06-13 14:00