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Oh look... a pathetic attempt by some Secret Society hooligan to deface our project. How drole. I'll leave this up here for IntSec to have a look at...

-- Mesh-U

Hmm.. more interesting, if you trackback the changes, you'll see that the defacer apparantly had trouble spelling Death Leppard. Some sort of Secret Society Frame-up going on here, perhaps?

-- Watt-U

Actually, our records indicate that the secret society is named "Death Leopard." Funny how you misspelled it the same way as the vandal, eh, Watt-U?

-- Jan-U

Not at all, Jan-U. As you'll note, what I wrote was "had trouble spelling Death Leppard", which, if you'll go back through the editing files, you will find is exactly what happened. Not having any treasonous mutant ability to read intent, I had no way to determine what the traitor was actually trying to spell, as these societies are well known for splintering various sub-societies off of them. Your apparant knowledge of the traitor's intentions I do find very interesting, however.

-- Watt-U

It's called extrapolation, citizen, and every clone in PLC (not to mention IntSec and CPU) learns how to do it. I'd assumed that Tech Services clones could also, you know, fix other people's mistakes. Perhaps, in your case, I was wrong. After all, if you did know how to interpret other people's failures, then perhaps certain unfortunate incidents related to the Toothpaste Disaster could have been avoided.

-- Jan-U

2013-06-13 13:58