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Citizen Err-U is a celebrated CPU researcher who has been repeatedly promoted on the strength of his analysis skills -- most recently to High Programmer, with his highly acclaimed and painstaking dissertation on the DQD Tech Services Circular Management Conundrum. Unfortunately, each of his eight promotion-winning reports has also resulted in his termination, which seems to have left him a bit odd in the head.

Primary Entries Written:

Entries picked up + written after they were cruelly abandoned to fend for themselves:

Phantom References Created:

Final Report:

* = Created from scratch, rather than from an existing phantom reference

R. Eric Reuss [aka "Eric the Darker"]

Over the course of the 1990s, Eric's PARANOIA games metamorphosed from fairly straight table-top RPGing into strangely intense most-of-a-weekend affairs involving decorations, lighting, props, bad techno music, a team of three gamemasters, and about as close to actual Alpha Complex food & drink as is probably safe. While he has not -- alas -- run one of these ParanoiaFests in several years, the scars from such things don't fade quickly.

Eric lives in the vague vicinity of Boston, MA, and has way too many hobbies to list in a short bio. He enjoys playing, running, and designing all sorts of games, and has notional aspirations towards getting some of them published someday. If you ask him nicely, he may share some of his recipes & tips for making Alpha Complex foodstuffs.

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