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ZRT Treason Analyzer

Final Report: Analysis Watt-GOT-9.

Reason for Analysis: Syntelligent_Systems service firm head submitted comprehensive report and documentation of treasonous mutant ability of citizen Watt-GOT-9.

Items Analyzed:

Watt-GOT possessed, without proper authorization, the highly treasonous mutant ability of Machine Empathy. This ability was used extensively in his secret society Pro-Tech, as well as in presenting falsified evidence to The Computer about treasonous activity of his superiors.

Notable Evidence:
PenBot subsequent report about 'feeling good' when in Watt-GOT's presence, rehabilitation consisting of a refill of ink and a polish.

Recommended Action:
Security clearance be set retroactively and permanently to Infrared, all memomax tapes destroyed, deployment of all-human vulture squadron for immediate capture and termination.

Request by Syntelligent Systems:
Report on Syntelligent Systems Service Firm be suppressed as the workings of a treasonous clone and as such of too low a reliability value to be of use to this Panel. Request granted and Watt-GOT's credit account transferred to Syntelligent Systems Service Firm as reward for meritous service.

Post-report Report:
Watt-GOT found sleeping in white-security clearance area, in violation of new security clearance. Summarily executed and clone line flushed.

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Refs: PenBot, Secret_Societies_Involved_In_the_Toothpaste_Disaster, Syntelligent_Systems


2013-06-13 14:00