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Yogurty Overflow Response Tests

DURSCH-U-WTZ-8 seems to have been just as treasonous as ENKID-U-RUK-4, and has also been terminated for failing to file a report. One can only wonder if his clone line will survive at this rate. In any event, this was a safety drill proposed by Err-U-DYT-9 to make us more ready in the event of future disasters. Perhaps had DURSCH-U-WTZ-8 spent more time with such preparations, he would not be in the situation he is in now1.

  1. I last saw him, before his termination, with glazed eyes and a blank expression. I almost thought that an INFRARED had managed to treasonously get ahold of ULTRAVIOLET clothing. (1)

-- Omega-U-MAN-5


2013-06-13 14:00