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[Pre-entry note: In the event of my demise, I have filled out a Form #BN9-15/GAG: Don't Go There, Stupid, so that no other researchers will be obliged to complete this entry and also suffer likely termination. While I have been executed before for unexpectedly insightful research, I had rather hoped that promotion to ULTRAVIOLET might forestall any such future concerns. Alas.]

GAMMA Clearance

Unsurprisingly, those citizens hard-working or ambitious enough to achieve ULTRAVIOLET clearance often wonder if they've really reached the top - those personality types who make it up this high tend to be the same sorts that, given nowhere further to climb, will start inventing notions about what's really up there that they just haven't been told about.1

Rumors abound as to the exact nature of this supposed supra-spectrum scheme; some claim GAMMA clearance comes right after ULTRAVIOLET; others say it progresses ALPHA, BETA, GAMMA, and so forth; still others maintain that GAMMA is the name for a class of clearances above - or perhaps in addition to - ULTRAVIOLET. Listing all of the speculation about these higher clearances would take megapages, so I'll cut to the known facts:

  1. There is no recorded data on any citizen having a clearance higher than/auxillary to ULTRAVIOLET.2

  2. The existence of clearances higher than ULTRAVIOLET is flatly denied in all ways by Friend Computer.
  3. Friend Computer is very touchy about discussion of the subject. While ULTRAVIOLETs musing among themselves is tolerated, termination is generally the rule in all other cases - both for speculation on the matter by lower clearances, and for High Programmers making any documented mention of such possibilities without clearly and unequivocally pointing out that such clearances Do Not Exist, as was done by Jan-U-ARY-31 in her report on Flo-U-RID-3.

As the popular conception has it, a GAMMA clearance citizen would have more authority and responsibility than even an ULTRAVIOLET. While this clearly contradicts the Laws_of_Alpha_Complex_ed._39/B.3.9 (and all archived prior versions), it is generally assumed that there would be some GAMMA-clearance document overriding the Laws.

I realize that this is a highly unusual assertion, but the facts must be stated openly and clearly for the truth to have any chance of coming out.

It is worthwhile briefly taking the time to ponder, however: really, even if it were 100% provable that such a clearance existed, what would we do about it? Clearly, it would just be another step (of whatever sort) in the clearance hierarchy, hidden due to stringent security requirements. Revealing its existence to the Complex at large would be highly treasonous and irresponsible; trying to determine which orders from Friend Computer were of Its own volition and which were actually relayed orders from GAMMA citizens would be pointless, as they all have to be obeyed perfectly anyhow; and you'd have to be wearing Rose-Tinted_Macro-Goggles to think that bucking for a promotion to to GAMMA would get you anything but terminated.

So except in unusual cases such as preparing this report, High Programmers really shouldn't bother themselves with the matter.

In the case of Flo-U-RID-3, however, there is no such mandate for inaction. It has been established that there were files locked "under GAMMA clearance", and viewable as such to ULTRAVIOLET citizens. Regardless of the actual existence of GAMMA clearance, this ought not to have happened, and must be investigated.



I'm still alive, despite having submitted this entry to the ZRT_Treason_Analyzer. And Friend Computer has thanked me for my thoroughness and attention to detail!

Well, well...


  1. From Day 0 as a clone, there have always been higher clearances, and there has always been withheld information. High Programmers, despite their...devotion...are often as habitual in thought patterns as any other citizen, so these previously-valid assumptions tend to remain, at least as nagging suspicions. (1)

  2. Within the timeframe of the clearance system, of course; once you go back to Old Reckoning times the assertion becomes meaningless. (2)

References: Flo-U-RID-3, Laws_of_Alpha_Complex_ed._39/B.3.9, Rose-Tinted_Macro-Goggles, ZRT_Treason_Analyzer



I hate to break it to you, Err-U, especially after you did such an excellent job with this entry, but... Friend Computer hasn't read it yet. He will not be reading any entries until the entire report is complete. I can only assume that the thanks were a formality based on your efforts on prior assignments. If he'd really read what you wrote, I can't imagine that he'd compliment your attention to detail when you've got a fellow High Programmer's gender wrong!

Nonetheless, you may yet survive. And if not, well, you have a few weeks left until IntSec submits the report. I recommend that you enjoy them to the full. Relax! Visit the steam baths in HOT sector! Luxuriate in your COL sector villa!

Good luck, and I look forward to your commendation and/or meeting your next clone!

-- Jan-U-ARY-31

In general, no, Friend Computer won't be reading any of this until the report is complete. That's why I submitted this particular writeup to the ZRT_Treason_Analyzer - which is not an autonomous device, as I'm sure you're aware, but a part of Friend Computer's processing. In this way, I made certain that this entry in the report was acceptible to Friend Computer before making it known to others - only appropriate given the subject matter, I think you'll agree.

The ZRT_Treason_Analyzer doesn't check for non-treasonous social gaffes, however. My usual tools would have caught it, except that while your registered gender is "female", your physical form has no gender, apparently making use of the generic 'him' acceptable under certain archaic software rules. My apologies; I've corrected the text and the program both.


Oh, and: COL sector villa? I don't have a COL sector villa...wait a moment.

Correction: I didn't have a COL sector villa when we started work on this report. Someone seems to have given me one since then. How...unusual.

This isn't your doing, is it, Jan-U?


Well, I'm glad to hear that you're not anticipating your imminent termination on the basis of this particular entry. Congratulations!

As to the matter of my gender, thank you for correcting the entry. I would like to point out, however, that my physical form does indeed have a gender. I may no longer have a [DELETED FOR SECURITY REASONS], but my two X chromosomes are still in reasonable working order, more or less.

And the COL sector villa? No idea. Possibly some HPD&MC nitwit's idea of a joke. Unless you bought a ticket in the latest BUX sector lottery?

-- Jan-U

Speaking of gender, I note that Jan-U has referred to Our Friend the Computer as "he." Surely "it" is the appropriate pronoun for that wise and benevolent machine? The Computer is above gender - hence the hormone suppressants generously given to all citizens, that we may function efficiently without treasonous and disgusting urges, made in the image of The Computer's ever-efficient functioning.

-- Don-U-DON-11

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