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After decades of tireless service on behalf of the Computer, little remains of Jan-U other than a brain in a jar. But what a brain! She serves on the corporate boards of virtually every PLC Service Firm (and quite a few other Service Firms as well), using her peerless intellect to ensure that there's Hot Fun in every pot and that the tubetrains run on time. Rumors of senility and incompetence on her part are greatly exaggerated, and also likely to get you terminated, so you're best off keeping them to yourself.

Oh, and she is absolutely, positively not a spy for IntSec.

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Eric Minton

Eric Minton participated in one of the very first Paranoia demos at Origins '84. There was only one character left when he and his brother arrived, so they wound up playing a two-headed unregistered mutant. Strangely, no one noticed the extra head, though it scarcely mattered since the Troubleshooter team lost half their clones before the briefing, and the rest didn't make it through R&D. Anyway, he's loved the game ever since. He works for a web design company in New York where, if the decor is to be believed, everyone seems to have Ultraviolet clearance.

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Eric, you neglected the description in Baseline_Dental_Health when you did the Denta-Bots entry (where they're specifically described units that perform operations on the teeth, not replacement teeth.

I'm thinking that since that entry came first, you have to be constrained by it. -- KarlLow

I've updated the Denta-Bots entry. Would you say that the change is satisfactory? -- Eric

Heh.. perfect. -- Karl

When I went to edit Quasi-Random, it told me your edit lock had expired ~160 minutes ago.

That's long enough that I'm going to assume that you aren't working on an entry for it. If I'm wrong, let me know...

-- EricReuss

2013-06-13 13:53