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The less said about B2 ("Biogelatinous Broth"), the better. It was the official drink of Alpha Complex for only 3 yearcycles. Extensive tests revealed that it was responsible for the sharp rise in giant amoeba sightings, thanks its dual role as a severe hallucinogenic and a bioorganic catalyst.

Although the formula for it was supposed to have died off with the introduction of B3, it was revived by COLgate_BioTech, who modified it to develop Bile_Suppressant.

Coincidentally, Jan-U-ARY-3 was in charge of the original development of B2, all those years ago.

-- Drake-U-LAH-1

I did the best I could with those R&D psychopaths, but you know how hard it is to keep them on track. Did you know that the R&D team's initial B2 prototype turned consumers into a thick yellow spray? I consider the fact that B2 actually turned out to be non-lethal, let alone digestible, to be a triumph of epic proportions.

-- Jan-U-ARY-31

References: B3, COLgate_BioTech

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