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A R&D division in COL sector (near the border with COD sector -- hence the "gate"). Primarily known for its advances in biochemical research. Developers of Bile_Suppressant (based upon B2).

It is my assessment that, unfortunately, COLgate BioTech is infested with traitors and immediate termination of the entire Service Team is hereby authorized (I've sent a F334.97A/40+/zRG7_(Mass_Termination_(T#>40)_Request_Form) to Did-U-COL-3 and left it up to her).

It is truly a pity, as COLgate was involved in the initial development of a number of advances, including the everpopular RhinoKleen, but the COL_gate_incident cannot simply be ignored, and neither can the deviation of Bile_Suppressant from the list of the Thirty-one_Official_Flavors (note that while consumption of a flavor deviating from the list is a minor offense, rarely punished by termination, production of a consumable* deviating from the list is treason of the worst sort.)

While intimately involved with the COL_gate_incident, the Toothpaste_Disaster itself can't be entirely blamed on them -- there's no way that 45 clones, no matter how traitorous, could have pulled off something so immense.

* As Err-U noted, consumption is not the primary function of Bile_Suppressant. As it is tasted, however, the restrictions on flavoring remain important. Flavor-vigilance can't be let up simply because something isn't nourishing, after all.

Refs: Bile_Suppressant, B2, F334.97A/40+/zRG7_(Mass_Termination_(T#>40)_Request_Form), RhinoKleen, COL_gate_incident, Toothpaste_Disaster.


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