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Service Group: PLC

Although Drake-U started out as a lowly PLC clerk in the Equipment Fine Complaint Center, he quickly rose through the ranks thanks to his adeptness at keeping rowdy Troubleshooters in line. When he was promoted from clerk, he had an unprecedented record of 0 Complaints Approved (mainly because the survivors of his discussions developed severe phobias of the Complaint Center). Under his leadership, Equipment Fine Complaints throughout the tri-sector region dropped 99% thanks to his integration of the waiting rooms with IntSec Interrogation Chambers. He is now implementing a revolutionary S&S policy, requiring Troubleshooters to sign their names in blood for more efficient identification.

Unfortunately, he went mad while researching the Manifesto_Out_of_Space_and_Time. His clone brother Drake-U-LAH-2 has been brought in to continue his work while Friend Computer searches for the treason-tinged Ultraviolet.


Important Commentary:

-Played by Jeff Groves

2013-06-13 13:53