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Toothpasty Supplement #5

Toothpasty Supplement #5 is an efficient, inexpensive, effective very addictive oral hygeine agent and tooth decay preventative. Developed several months before the writing of this review in response to increasing demands by The Computer, HPD&MC, and PLC for increased oral health and hygeine (See publications "Baseline_Dental_Health, v23.4.a", "Halitosis: The Next Treason", and "Updated Smile Evaluation v5.12, an IntSec guide"). Toothpasty Supplement #5 has been approved for all routine oral hygeine applications for Security Clearances BLUE and below. It has been approved for occasional use for Security Clearances VIOLET and below. It is not recommended for use by ULTRAVIOLET clearance personel, who are encouraged to access Premium Hygeine supplements only.

Toothpasty Supplement #5 is composed as follows:

Toothpasty Supplement #5, the most successful and popular dental hygeine supplement in the complex, played several notable roles in the Toothpaste Disaster. Due to it's highly addictive nature, and the very effective oral health education campaigns featuring TS#5, it's sudden shortage resulted directly in a massive increase in Citizen Customer Dissatisfaction, back-traced to results such as the Red Clearance Revolution and the Toothpaste Rebellion. TS#5 is also standard issue for a variety of Denta-Bots, which have been implicated in a bot uprising, in itself a noteable part of the Toothpaste Disaster. Finally, TS#5 is a profoundly and diversely chemically reactive substance. It has been demonstrated to react with a number of other common and semi-common substances in use in Alpha Complex:

Other chemically reactive uses for TS#5 are suspected.

1 This powerful antibiotic substance was discovered during routine scientific examination of VatSlime in MAD sector, in a disused food vat.

-- Mesh-UR-GNA-16

What an... interesting memetic structure. Not viral, but close.

-- Screwz-U-BAD-3

Ow. That hurts my optical receptors.

-- Jan-U-ARY-31

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