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While the core of The Computer is the nerve center of Alpha Complex, it is the CompNodes that allows that control to be managed effectively across the whole. Over the years it has been recorded that there is a minor drop-off in efficiency in data transportation and integrity in code execution the further afield from the core that commands move. R&D has experimented with a means to nullify this loss over many cycles, and recently has turned to organic alternatives to find a solution. A specimen of a jelloid sea-based lifeform with the ability to generate and channel electrical charges led R&D down a new path of thought, which concluded with the creation of the Jelloidal InterNode exchange (JINx) system. JINx consists of a cable of pale, pinkish jelly threaded through with glittering strings, like red and blue veins, which glitter and sparkle when in use. The medium allows almost 100% efficiency in transmission carriage.

Outfitting an inter-sector network was the first experimental step outside the lab, and the sectors involved included both COL and RON sector. The JINx was installed in disused transtubes that were flooded with chilled Sea_Water to maintain the integrity and optimum working efficiency of the new system. For several weekcycles the system showed that near absolute efficiency was being maintained, and the control network was managing systems across all sectors with only a minuscule drop-off in speed.

However, it seems highly likely that the massive Bile_Suppressant spillage associated with the COL_gate_incident flooded the local underground support tubes and wrecked the delicate temperature balance necessary to support the JINx. While reports are still being compiled, it seems highly likely that the combination of various chemicals from the incident - including condemned B2, rerouted there by Committee_IC48934-Q23-HX45, the Bile_Suppressant, and depleted radioactive elements from the high-explosive anti-tankbot rounds used by some of the IntSec snipers - combined to create a noxious cocktail that corroded substantial lengths of the JINx and contributed to the system malfunctions and services breakdown that compounded the events of the Toothpaste_Disaster.

R&D have placed the blame for the catastrophic failure of the project, and its impact, on sabotage by the previously underheard of secret society YesterCycle's_Rivals,_TomorrowCycle's_Enemies.

-- Costin-U-MOR-8

Refs: B2, Bile_Suppressant, COL_gate_incident, Committee_IC48934-Q23-HX45, Sea_Water, YesterCycle's_Rivals,_TomorrowCycle's_Enemies


Well, that's what you get for bringing foreign materials into our perfect complex, Costin-U.

-- Screwz-U-BAD-3

I agree, Screwz-U, which is why I vehemently opposed R&D's deployment of the project with so little lab test work and small scale proof of function.

-- Costin-U-MOR-8


2013-06-13 13:58