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I'm now convinced that OmniPipeTechServ must be at the heart of this matter. My attempts to access its records have been stymied at every turn. Even there wasn't evidence of OmniPipeTechServ's unlicensed possession of Bile_Suppressant, the fact that they deliberately malformed the packet headers in their data transmission (which resulted in the irrecoverable loss of my last three reports) stands as evidence enough of their treason. Further, their financial reports indicate a that they laundered a substantial quantity of credits through Vermilion_Developments to the Tuesday_Afternoon_Conspiracy. I recommend that their Board of Directors be liquidated immediately.

Ref: Bile_Suppressant, Tuesday_Afternoon_Conspiracy, Vermilion_Developments



I've got some old records on file from when OPTS was in operation. It's quite a sad tale really. You know how every week-cycle some layman who has absolutely no clue about the complexities involved in Tech Services or Power Services gets the idiotic idea to combine the two. Fortunately, most clones never make it into a position of power. Well OPTS is the result of one who did. I don't have any names as this is just origin information, but from what I can gather, OPTS was an experimental blending of two service firms, OmniTech and PipeServe.

Of course, people advocating this kind of merge often fail to consider the security implications behind it. Friend Computer in it's wisdom separated the two for a reason after all. That reason being simply that it's far too easy to start using poor quality parts and mechanisms to drive the vital services of the Complex and not have it found out until far too late. The division of labour between the two ensures this doesn't happen, as Tech Service firms are always quick to report when Power Service firms are doing a substandard job that could make things more difficult or dangerous for them, and Power Service firms are always whining because they don't understand the simple elegance of Tech Services plans.

Not that this really explains anything else about the group, other than perhaps the ease of which non-competents were FARTed into it.

-- Watt-U

I'm more concerned about their access to a quarantined experimental product like Toothpasty Supplement #6 than a commonly available analgesic like Bile_Suppressant. Where's they get the dentifrice from?

-- Jan-U-ARY-31

I gotta say, it sorta baffles me dat Tech don't make more scratch then it does, y'know? I mean, pipes an' vents an' fuel lines... complicated things, y'know? Lotsa ways they could have somethin'... happen... t'them. Seems like Tech is always reactin' t'problems, when really it seems t'me there's a lotta opportunity for, y'know... "preventative" sortsa maintenance, wit' assocated billin', if'n youse get my drift. I could provide some more specific suggestions, on like a consultant basis, if'n youse want. An' I think youse probably want it, 'cause wit'out some'a dese suggestions, y'know, some'a dose pipes is lookin' a little fragile.

As for liquidatin' d'Board'a OmniPipeTechServ, I might know some fellas who can help wit' dat. Just let me know.

-- Knok-U-OUT-7


2013-06-13 13:58