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Internal Security Traitor Dossier

Subject: How-R-YOU-2

Security Clearance Blue Required

{{{Subject Incept Date/Time Stamp: 168:237:1631.12 Cloning Facility: Clone Bank You-32/A

Service Group: Internal Security Service Firm: Not Applicable, Field Agent.

Security Clearance: Red Loyalty Index: -12 Commendation Index: 3

Known Mutations: "Matter Eater" Known Secret Society affiliations: "Communist Cell DYT"

Termination Date/Time Stamp: 189:191:0720:1200.00}}}


How-R-YOU-2 was an Internal Security agent assigned to infiltrate a Communist cell operating in DYT sector. Primary authorization for this mission was granted by Flo-U-RID-3. Mission documentation indicates that this agent insertion was intended as a distraction to aid in the extraction of a potentially compromised Blue clearance agent. How-R-YOU-2's unfortunate Matter Eater mutation allowed him to survive repeated injestion of the "Borscht" substance created by the perfidious device known as the Borscht_Generator. This tenacity made him particularly valuable to the infiltrated Communist cell. Sadly, Repeated exposure to both "Borscht" and ongoing communist propoganda eventually caused the traitorous conversion of this once loyal citizen to the Communist Cause, necessitating his interrogation and termination at the conclusion of his mission.

Due to the unfortunate exposure of How-R-YOU-2 to various Communist Viral_Thought_Patterns, it was deemed necessary to utilize a Memomax brain map which had been thoroughly processed by Special_Brain_Freshening_Unit_K when activating How-R-YOU-3. This third clone has shown no signs of relapse into Communism, or, for that matter, the capability to so much as pronounce the word. The powerful aversion to the color red which resulted from this processing is unfortunate considering that this clone is unlikely to be promoted past that security clearance. Termination or demotion to Infrared clearance is indicated.

Dossier Ends

-- Mesh-U-GNA-1

Refs: Flo-U-RID-3; Special_Brain_Freshening_Unit_K; Viral_Thought_Patterns

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