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A service of HPD&MC's Motivational Media division, documentaries are a wonderful way to get out the pro-Happiness message of Friend Computer and Alpha Complex.

They're informative. Do you know how much Foil was used in the construction of The Leaning_Tower_of_Treason? Do you know why it's leaning? Well, watch Errolm-O-RIS's documentary "The Thin Infrared Line" to find out!

They're educational. My own, "Pants: an Owner's Manual" is one such example. Learn where pants are made, how to use them and what you can do to prevent pants-related accidents. It won a Teela Award (R), fer cripe's sake!

Last but not least, documentaries are F-U-N FUN! Whether it's Clone Wars III: Star Attack! or something a bit more edgy, like the sports-u-mentary, "Mutants on Ice," you can rest assured that the fine folks at Motivational Media are doing their best to make sure that you do your best.

Documentaries...informative, educational, fun! Another fine product from Brush-U-TTH and the whacky funsters at Motivational Media.

Motivational Media: Entertainment that Goes Pling!


Refs: Foil, Leaning_Tower_of_Treason


This is an inquest, not an infomercial. Save the sales pitch for the INFRAREDS, okay?

-- JAN-U-ARY-31


2013-06-13 13:53