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B1 (otherwise known as Brew) was the most popular drink in Alpha Complex over 100 yearcycles ago. Even after it was replaced by B2, it continues to be actively produced thanks to its secondary use as construction caulking.

PLC sold the secret recipe to HPD&MC in yearcycle 87 for 3,564,800 credits. When it was discovered that the credits were only good for HPD&MC vidtape purchases and expired in 90 daycycles, massive amounts of Documentaries were bought up by PLC. Bolstered by its unexpected earnings, HPD&MC's Non-Fictional Production Studios churned out record amounts of crud that year, including such stinkers as "The Useless Belly Button", "Watching Paint Dry", and "Infrareds in the Smoke". The psychiatric impact of this deluge on Alpha Complex's citizens is still being measured.

Meanwhile, PLC quickly used up its documentaries thanks to their secondary use as projectile weapons.


References: B2, Documentaries

"Watching Paint Dry" wasn't so bad. I particularly enjoyed the part at the end, where it looked as if the paint had dried... but it hadn't quite dried yet. That was classic!



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