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B3 (Bouncy Bubble Beverage)

The perfect drink for the perfectly happy clone.

B3, also called BBB, is third drink in its line, before which there was B1 (or just B, which stands for 'Brew'), and B2 (also called BB, which stands for 'Biogelatinous Broth'), B3 is the ultimate in clone refreshment technology. While there has been recent experimentation with a successor beverage, called B4 to address certain oral hygene issues, everyclone knows that B3 is already perfect. Some clones have mentioned "B0" as well, which is an improper reference to the original prototype drink. Any such improper reference should be deleted for security reasons, as all knowledge about the prototype drink is treasonous and best forgotten.

Blended from a particular type of slime mold which grows on the food vats, often referred to as VatSlime when the word is not being treasonously used as an insult, these succulent mold extracts were first blended into their modern form in the BBB sector, making everyclone's favorite drink.

Troubleshooters also love this drink because of a number of unusual properties, especially with certain batches of B3 or various mixes, such as the B3 with extra chlorine, which made a wonderful cleaning solution. I doubt that anyclone can give a complete listing of all the properties of B3, though I have no doubt that my fellow High Programmers will annotate any interesting ones I forget to mention, but those properties I have found most interesting (and occasionally quite useful) are B3's:

Refs: ChemiLuminoOxygrin, VatSlime

-- Omega-U-MAN-5

Of course it wasn't called BBB sector then. But of course VRP sector wasn't good enough for HPD&MC; they had to rename it. Remember the Traffic Riots of '25? That's what needless, overblown marketing ploys like this get you.

-- Jan-U

You are forgetting, of course, that the reason that BBB is the most popular drink in Alpha Complex is because of the highly-explosive nature of its contents when shaken. Troubleshooters have nicknamed it the "Poor Clone's Grenade", and they'll snatch up 10 dozen bottles if given the chance.

Now, Jan-U, have you even LOOKED at my proposals regarding reducing its explosive nature? If I didn't know better, I'd swear that you want to keep it that way...

-- Drake-U-LAH-1

The reason I haven't looked at your proposals, Drake-U, is that they should properly be directed to R&D, not PLC.

-- Jan-U

Sssssst! Sister, you got schooled.

-- Brush-U


2013-06-13 13:52