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GeneScan ID#: 333SYA-J1N ***BREAK BREAK BREAK***

Service Group: PLC
Service Firm: TNT Hygene Group

Commendation Index: 15
Treason Index: -25
Overall Loyalty Indicator: Code Ficus
Recommended Action: Apprehend for questioning.

Known Mutations: None
Suspected Mutations: Energy Generation, Gravity Control(?)
Known Secret Society Affiliations: None
Suspected Secret Society Affiliations: Psion, Death Leopard


I can't type now for more than a moment -- I'm on my way to a secure facility. (Not that any place in Alpha is secure, now.) But I had to put down a few critical points in case I don't make it. To wit:

If I'm killed en route, do not try to apprehend Vegeta-R. Nearly all the information in her standard file above is false. If all the precautions I've taken (and with a fortune like mine, you can get a lot of precautions) fail, nothing any of the rest of you can do could do any better.

I hope to have the information up by midnight. But Drake-U... Your first clone was right about the Unspeakable_Treason. But he didn't know the half of it...

-- Ken-U-RON-7

Addendum: Timestamp 23:55:02 HIGHEST SECRET UV EYES ONLY

GAMMA is not a clearance. GAMMA is a state of mind. Literally.

It's been staring us in the face ever since Drake-U-LAH-1 was driven to madness reading the Manifesto_Out_of_Space_and_Time. And the information only became clearer when Ken-U-RON-6 read Drake-U's notes and started going mad in a very similar manner. We were looking at it all wrong. It's not that the Manifesto is so vilely treasonous that it drives all right-thinking clones mad -- it's hard to find two clones who would think as differently as Drake-U and Ken-U, and yet they responded similarly.

The Manifesto is really a carrier for a particularly virulent strain of Viral_Thought_Patterns -- but an imperfect one. If it were in prime condition, we would never have noticed Drake-U going mad at all. He would have simply been quietly overwritten with a GAMMA personality, and proceeded to twist the results of this investigation to whatever ends that personality willed.

The secret masters of Alpha Complex do not exist bodily. That this is possible should come as no surprise to any of us, least of all Jan-U-ARY-31 (who gave up the weaknesses of a body long ago). They don't even have the negligible weaknesses of a brain to tie them down any more. Long ago, they used advanced memetic engineering, far superior to modern Personality_Modification, to encode their most vital brain functions in seemingly innocuous data files. The Manifesto is one, albeit one that has been damaged and degraded with time. I have uncovered evidence of at least one other, a supposed script for an unproduced HPD&MC drama called the YELLOW-Clearance_Sign, a work seemingly innocent and loyal in its every word, yet dripping on each page with the purest crystallized treason.

Vegeta-R has read it. So has Loose-I-FER-1. I believe Halle-B-RTN-4 and Rasp-U-TIN-1 have as well, though they may have been influenced by a different work, one I have yet to uncover. (The files they were secretly exchanging, perhaps?) It doesn't matter. What matters is that Vegeta-R and Loose-I, and possibly Halle-B and Rasp-U, are now on a very fundamental level the same person. A person who has access to the deepest levels of Friend Computer's core programming. (How else could such flagrant traitors as these, especially Loose-I, have remained free for so long? They can sabotage each effort to catch them at its core.) A person who is, as Drake-U-LAH-1 came so close to realizing in his work on the Unspeakable_Treason, quite mad. Perhaps 'mad' is the wrong word. 'Alien' might be better. Whatever the word, that which is bound within these words does not think like us mere mortals. It toys with life and death, loyalty and treason, INFRARED and Friend Computer, for its own twisted amusement. For the joy of seeing us squirm like a loyal citizen on Drake-U's interrogation tables.

I am sure that that was the only reason behind the Toothpaste_Disaster. In the end, it was nothing more significant than a Junior Citizen smashing its toys for fun.

The GAMMAs destroyed Flo-U-RID-3 -- I don't know why. But I think she was on to something that endangered them. Vegeta-R was their hand in this matter -- before her brain was erased and rewritten, she was a high-ranking Psion with numerous powers that are directly traceable to Flo-U's methods of death. Find her missing files -- they're probably the key to everything.

Anyone could have been overwritten by a GAMMA thought pattern by now. Even one of us. I'd be surprised if none of them felt it necessary to cover their tracks in this incident. Stay alert. Trust none of us. Keep your brainscrubbers handy.

Even I am feeling a bit unbalanced. Well, of course -- I read some of Ken-U-6's notes. The secondhand or thirdhand elements of the Manifesto may be trickling down to me. Now I can't even trust myself. Any of this report could be unreliable, the efforts of the broken, twisted GAMMA trapped inside it trying to trick me.

Oh, HEL's bells. Someone in my secure compound just downloaded the YELLOW-Clearance_Sign. There's a GAMMA here now. Possibly two -- for how would anyone know to download it?

I've locked down my compound and issued suicide orders. Nobody's responding. This is worse than I thought.

I've sent the command for Ken-U-8 to be activated, and tagged my last pristine MemoMax for download. Find Ging-I-VTS-5 and the thing that chewed its way out of Sue-R-RAT-1... no, Sue-6. My mind is going. The thing is possibly our only concrete proof of the GAMMAs. And Drake-U-1 thought Ging-I was worth protecting -- she may be our last hope.

I'm going to try to cleanse my compound myself. I'm not going to succeed. I'm outnumbered and outgunned by my own mercenaries. But I can make sure none of us make it out alive.

Things were so much easier when all I had to worry about were cooking the books and bribing the regulators...

The Phantom_Sectors... they're not physical. They're the sectors of our mind the GAMMAs hide in. And I don't know if we can expunge them. But... I think I know what Flo-U and Ging-I were on to. Seek the true meaning of Zen_Deficit_Disorder. I think it's our only hope.

Unless I've just been driven mad after all.

-- Ken-U-RON-7, signing out for the last time. Computer and profit be with you all.

You idiot! There's no such thing as Unspeakable_Treason! These wild bot chases are going to get us all executed for wasting Friend Computer's time!

-- Drake-U-LAH-4

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