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Personality Modification

It's a simple matter really. You have a clone with a distasteful temper or a treasonous habit. You want to reform this feral beast rather than waste The Computer's precious organic resources. Sure, clones are a a kilocredit a dozen, but a credit wasted is treason punishable by .. Personality Modification. Let me get back to the topic at hand. Personality Modification is a combination of psychotropic drugs, application of pain, fear, uncertainty, and oddly enough, arm wrestling. In extreme cases some form of verbal communication is also warranted.

Usually everything goes swell. Really. There are no negative side effects. There is nothing to fear from the clones who have undergone the procedure. The PMs are not as crazy as the treasonous rumors suggest. If I had heard any, which I haven't.

-- Toothy-U-NIX-4


It's worth pointing out that PM isn't really a suitable treatment for either Neuro-Cascade_Failure or Mnemonic_Meltdown, as both are not the result of faulty character or flawed personality, but rather, physiological deneneration or misfunction of the brain itself.

It's also worth pointing out that PM is not a suitable treatment for "curing" Citizens suffering from a misapplied PM treatment. I believe it was a Citizen under the effects of one of these "overlapping" PMs that led to the Vat_Incident.

-- Knok-U-OUT-6

There appears to have been an abnormally high number of misapplied Personality Modification treatments by HPD-MindLabz just before the Toothpaste_Disaster. And by abnormally high, I mean 3600% higher than normal. Could someone from R&D or Technical Services look into this? (Technically, HPD&MC should investigate, but none of them seem to be left on the commission, and they're completely incompetent in any event.)

-- Jan-U-ARY-31

What a load of crap. I mean, seriously, fellas...this "treatment" (and I use the term oh-so-loosely) is totally theoretical and possibly even ficticious. You think some clone is going get get strapped down and go from Alex de Large to Alex Trebeck because some cat goes all Marathon Man on their ass? Puh-leeze...this kind of conjecture is unwarranted and possibly treasonous. Why, if I wasn't marked for death by the Vultures, I'd probably do something about it.

-- Brush-U-TTH-9


-- Brush-U-TTH-33

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