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A much maligned though clever agent of the Computer, Rasp-U-TIN-1 oversaw The Computers "Intelligence Review Service", a branch of Internal Security responsible not only for the review of existing intelligence, but for conducting a variety of covert information gathering and correlation missions, as well as maintaining the various subroutines and databases used by The Computer to determine promotions and demotions in security clearance for citizens.1

Rasp-U was overseeing work from his base of operations in ROM sector when the Four_Reactor_Foam_Flood struck. The foam damage destroyed his existing clone family. His MemoMax imprints have also gone missing, presumably destroyed by the RED-Clearance_Revolution in their attempt on the RON sector secure facilities. Rasp-U-TIN-1 is missing and presumed dead.

A number of unfounded accusations have haunted Rasp-U-TIN-1, both before and after his death. Detailed research and review of surviving hand-written journals shine some light on these issues:

Regarding his sale of certain documents to Halle-B-RTN-4, it has been confirmed that he transfered possesion of documents which he believed to be encrypted information relating to a pre-Alpha Complex organization mirroring his own. This was presumably part of an influence selling operation, which would have allowed him to promote Halle-B if she succeeded in decryting the documents.

His disappearance does coincide closely with the death of Flo-U-RID-3, though no firm evidence has been found linking him to the murder.

His associations with a number of unsavory characters seem to be largely the result of his personal investigation of high-ranking potential traitors.

In conclusion, Rasp-U-TIN-1, now departed, was most likely not the Arch-Traitor many perceive him to be, but rather a noble and industrious servant of The Computer who's selfless devotion to duty extended even to the sacrifice of his good name.

1 Full Disclosure: I was selected by The Computer to replace Rasp-U as head of the I.R.S. when he was classified as "Missing, presumed dead". I discovered a number of hand written journals in his workplace. I continue to endeavor to fill the void his departure has left.



So Rasp-U was a plant for IntSec? Curious. You neglect, however, his "cover" in HPD&MC, where he did a great deal of development and oversight work, most recently on the ARCHTR/AI(TOR) project. You also neglect to provide any background for his sobriquet, "The Traitor That Wouldn't Die." I think you need to go back and do more research.

-- Jan-U-ARY-31

Not to mention his ties to Loose-I-FER-1. By the way, your hidden message shows poor spelling. Who is not spelled "wo." I hope it will be fixed in time for the final report, as I'd hate for this to reflect on the rest of us.

-- Paul-U-LEG-9

Jan-U -- Yes, not just a plant but in fact the covert head of a major division of IntSec. His work on ARCHTR/AI(TOR) was NOT an 'undercover' assignment, however... That program was a joint HPD&MC / IntSec production, one which Rasp-U was never really satisfied with, and was, apparently, glad to get clear of when the opportunity came. Naturally, no formal documentation of the joint nature of the program was produced. As for the scurrilous epithet "The Traitor That Wouldn't Die"... I chose not to sully his memory further by addressing this, as he is A) Not a traitor, and B) Dead.

Paul-U -- Ummmm... thanks for pointing out the mispelling in my secret message. I've corrected it. Hopefully we won't have to worry about any more incidents of this nature in the future. I am dedicating substantial resources to seeing to it that it doesn't happen again.

-- Mesh-U-GNA-1

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