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Low-Clearance Rights group

The LoCR fellas try to look like they are coming to the 'aid' of a bunch of low clearance fodder. What's the point, I say? Clearly if they were worthy of the complex's resources, they would have been promoted by The Computer and given the benefits thereof. I know this with my heart - we should not be wasting TC's precious cycles on the worries of clones that we trust the LEAST. Logic dictates that it is most often going to be those that are the least trustworthy that will turn out to be our mutants, our communists, our enemy. If they were trustworthy, the computer would know, and if they deserved more privileges, they would _have_ them. It's as simple as that.

So we have deduced that the LoCR was not an organization supporting the actual lower clearance citizens. The idea is ridiculous. Not possible. Now. The question arises - why, do you suppose, the LoCR bothered to become an official society? Why is all the paperwork on the founding of the group all deleted now, with only the meta-paperwork and the meta-meta-meta-paperwork to go by? Why, pray tell, did their little group find it necessary to arrange things so that the CPU agent who approved the initialization of the club just happened to also be the applicant? Do you think it mere coincidence the aforementioned agent was named to this panel?

Well, Err-U, would you care to explain what your little organization was REALLY up to? I went over the daily society activity log forms, and the most helpful thing I saw listed that was done for any citizen below violet was the one bizzarre case where you and Tommy-G allowed a Red troubleshooter to keep his thumbs when you two cut his fingers off for saluting improperly. I admit, that was pretty generous; almost treasonously generous in and of itself but let's assume even that your group's motives were good in that case.. One good deed in three yearcycles of existence does not explain what is going on. I want to know the real agenda.

What about your partners, my old indoctrination school nemesis, SCO-U-NIX-5, his idiot friend DMC-B-RID-2, and your junior partner, Bill-G? Did they make you do it? What did they make you do? How? Where did the eleven million credits go? The chapsticks? What did you need all that evaporated milk for?

What is happening in the LoCR room that no one wants to talk about?

I do not come throwing accusations blind, either. Your group has been seen meeting with Screwed-UPP, Gaiter-AID, Malcom-TNT, and worst of all, Ro-GUE. All of those citizens are known to The Computer to be treasonous lowlife traitors, and I wonder if it's the influence of a group of higher clearance, superior minds. Treason of that magnitude takes evil intent. Just being with Screwed-UPP alone unequivocally proves your involvement in creating the Toothpaste_Disaster, as Omega-U explains so clearly in his INFRARED_Citizens entry.

Does, as my source tells me, your groups' requisition of over 180 vanity keychain / Ultra_High_Frequency_Radio_Waves brainwave insertion pulse generators have anything to do with the ToothpasteRebellion? I think so. They were delivered to CRY sector, I know that now, I've seen the surveillance footage.

And don't think I won't be ready if you send another squadron for me, I'm no Knock-U-OUT-5 pushover in combat. No offense to the memory of our fallen panelist, of course. I think in light of this groups' actions, their charter should be revoked, and their leader terminated. He's got plenty of clones lying around, who is it gonna hurt? I'm sure my colleagues would agree.

--- Toothy-U-NIX-4

Refs: Err-U, INFRARED_Citizens, Ultra_High_Frequency_Radio_Waves, ToothpasteRebellion

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As the entry on the Commie_Catcher_[TM] clearly states, the Low-Clearance Rights group is "a group of high-clearance citizens dedicated to improving the lot of the masses" - which, as you and Servs-U-RIT-7 both point out, is at the very least a misguided notion, and perhaps downright subversive. This Low-Clearance Rights group has the potential to be quite dangerous.

You are also absolutely correct in asserting that the organization I founded has nothing to do with such nonsense. At the behest of a panel of experts in Information_Distortion, and with full approval from Friend Computer, I created an organization called "the Low-Clearance Rights group" specifically to interfere with the operation of the original group by that name.

It has succeded admirably in its purpose. Citizens who would otherwise be attracted to the original Low-Clearance Rights group are unnerved and disturbed by the activities of the new one, and avoid looking into it further. Most information requests on the one can be legitimately answered with data on the other. Best of all, certain treasonous lowlife traitors end up mistakenly joining it, and reveal both the full extent of their crimes and the names of accomplices and resources that we might not otherwise have learned of - Screwed-UPP, Gaiter-AID, Malcom-TNT, and Ro-GUE have all been apprehended, interrogated, and punished; in the process, connections with Rasp-U-TIN-1 were discovered.

In fact, the brainwave insertion pulse generators you mention were used in those interrogations, and those of other traitors - nothing more, nothing less. The paperwork on the founding of both groups was removed to prevent trivial discovery of the existence of the dichotomy (knowledge of which is cleared BLUE). Backup copies of the paperwork were ObscuroFiled under the BLUE-clearance Vat Inspection Reports if you want to go look at them; this is duly mentioned in the meta-meta-meta-paperwork - which I'm pleased to see you checked, by the way.

As for the more personal issues: I have no doubts whatsoever that your readiness is overshadowed only by your paranoia; I have sent no squadrons after you, nor after anyone else for that matter. If this is just a petty play for power, stop wasting my time; if you were genuinely hunted, stop wasting your own time chasing down imaginary threats.

-- Err-U-DYT-9

Had I known you were following the ObscuroFile protocol, I would have been more thorough in my investigations. I suppose it was not you who sent the squadrons. Who was it then? Who was the original leader of the LoCR? Where has my mysterious source gone to?

-- Toothy-U-NIX-4

I have no idea who's throwing troops around. It seems like an inefficient and overly visible method of trying to kill a High Programmer; perhaps it's simply an intimidation tactic? Either way, it ought to leave a paper trail a mile wide - were you able to identify any distinguishing characteristics of the squadron that came after you, see where they came from, and/or obtain any tissue samples?

The original leader of the original LoCR was one citizen Grac-I-OUS-4. While no evidence was ever found linking her to the OUS_Sector_Cabal, she was friends with several citizens who were - she turned them in, which apparently got her enough favor with Friend Computer to permit the formation of the original LoCR. She was terminated 2.7 yearcycles ago for "failure to follow proper safety standards while driving a nuclear reactor", so she's not a going concern anymore.

-- Err-U

-- LexiconKL

2013-06-13 13:58