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Flossing is an important ingredient of maintaining the Baseline_Dental_Health. Unfortunately, the original Alpha Complex Floss suffered from several weaknesses. It had an annoying tendency to break, forming a perfect platform for bacteria. Also, the taste was not considered even mildly pleasant by any users.

Floss+ was a significant improvement, and a triumph for the tireless scientists at R&D services. The new product became one of the most lucrative inventions in the past twenty yearcycles. The robust reel mechanism of the packaging was a particularly popular feature, spawning several games (all unauthorized) among the clones of lower security clearances.

Ever the perfectionists, the R&D Service Firm in VPR sector decided they would improve on each and every characteristic of Floss+. The new Floss++ was indeed an impressive achievement - the tensile strength was unequalled. The new reel mechanism was more than 430 % more powerful than its predecessor.

The unfortunate Flossbot_Mk_II incident aside, Floss++ has proven its qualities in field use - the elimination of the Kaleidoscope_Conspiracy is only one of several examples.

Personally I recommend that all current production lots are withdrawn from general distribution and assigned to covert operatives of Indigo rank and above.


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