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VPR Sector

Well, what can I say... I thought the best clone to write about VPR Sector would be one who has worked there.

Well, that was Paul-U-LEG-5. I've not personally worked there, at least not yet, ever since it was destroyed in the Joyometers Incident and is still being rebuilt. But the braintapes allow me to describe the place, at least as it was.

It was a sector of 10,000 clones, now mostly displaced since Skee-I-NER-3 and Mark-I-VES-5 blew the place up. It contained a number of R&D firms, leading to it's reputation as a science center. The largest of these firms was the one I belonged to, VPRWare (you've probably heard the slogan -- "If it does everything your ever wanted, it's VPRWare!"). We had the most Armed Forces business in the sector, including my own ill fated Vulture Vertical Lift System, as well as handling smaller needs like that involved with Floss++. And, of course, the Joyometers.

I never had a chance to work with either Skee-I-NER-3 or Mark-I-VES-5, though I was eventually brought onto the review board to assess their creation. I never took sides in their debate, always managing to cleverly refer to it as "it" when both of them were in the room. In fact, I doubt it would have ever become a problem had PLC not insisted upon a Proper Pronunciation Form on file for the device.

While I was involved in at least one notable failure, I was also on the project teams of many of VPRWare's biggest successes, like the Xenoseptic_Fountain. Just because something doesn't fulfill its intended purpose, doesn't mean it doesn't fulfill a function -- and that's what I did, give floundering projects a much needed new direction.

Most of the R&D base now works in surrounding sectors, wating for Tech Services and Power to finish rebuilding. But the work continues, even if I cannot be part of it while serving on this panel. They continue looking into some of the little analysis projects I've sent them in my role as part of this inquiry, but also some tangentally related projects, like reverse engineering Zapster to better determine it's contribution to the Disaster.

Refs: Floss++, Joyometers, Xenoseptic_Fountain, Zapster

-- Paul-U-LEG-9


I think that we need to look into the blueprints for the new, improved VPR sector. Who knows what sorts of hidden areas might be installed during the reconstruction? This could very well turn into one of the Phantom_Sectors! I no longer trust our VIOLET_Supervisors to handle this sort of thing. Maybe we can start breveting INDIGOs to the top-level supervisory positions? That should solve the problem.

-- Jan-U-ARY-31

I imagine I can get access to them. After all, this panel has given me clearance for all kinds of neat things. Did you know there were lost Teela-O-MLY videos? It's true!

-- Paul-U-LEG-9


2013-06-13 14:00