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Kaleidoscope Conspiracy

Brought on by the psychoactive programming of the Best_Good_Happy_Sector_Hour, The Kaleidoscope Conspiracy primarily consisted of clones who recovered from their seizures with a profound sense of colour deficiency. These clones, having experienced a whirlwind of colour in the depths of their seizures found themselves looking for another experience which would bring them the same level of colour enhancements.

Unfortunately, being almost uniformly INFRAREDs, their exposure to colour was understandably limited to protect their delitcate minds from having to take in too much. As a result, they formed the conspiracy with a goal to meet in the highest security places that they could find.

The conspiracy was extremely short-lived, as their entry into the COL sector resort complexes was quickly noted, and an experimental security/hygeine device was called into action. The resulting mess proved that while Floss++ might serve adequately as a high-tensile security perimeter device, it's use for hygeine was questionable. On the bright side, this served as an excellent field test for the new RhinoKleen compound.

It is unknown whether the presence of so many INFRARED clones trying to sneak into COL sector had anything to do with the COL_gate_incident, even though it happened at approximately the same time, however application of the Zeta_Vector_Principle leads to some disturbing correlations.

-- Watt-U-GOT-9

Refs: Best_Good_Happy_Sector_Hour, Floss++, RhinoKleen, Zeta_Vector_Principle


Is that what those intruders were? I was sure they were some kind of... Actually, I'm not sure what I thought they were at the time, but it was the last straw. We sold the Knok-OUT COL compound in the middle of the whole mess, before they started driving property values down. Did you see the ones with the polychroma tunics? It was like they wanted to try being all Clearances at once, had managed to get their hands on a full spectrum of colored liquids, and had just bunched those shirts up and dipped them in one color after another! Ridiculous-looking! They were climbing over my wall, running around in the courtyard, waving signs around, lighting little stinky-smoke sticks, making chanting noises. "Heal Infrared Polychromatism" their signs said. "H! I! P!" they kept shouting. We (me and "Five") started calling them "hippies" as a joke. Good thing I had my Canibots.

Anyway, I never knew about this whole Kaleidoscope thing. Wonders never cease!

-- Knok-U-OUT-6

Let's see... where was that tidbit. Oh, yes, there it is.

My previous clone made reference to an Amazing Technicolor Uniform (see INFRARED_Citizens). These miserable vermin seem like just the traitors to try making something like that.

You also failed to mentioned that the security incident led to the Complex Record for Furthest Flying Decapitation (4m28cm), when Louis-XVI-2 and two Comrades attempted to use it as jumprope. One of my favorite Security Footage Bloopers.

-- Drake-U-LAH-2


2013-06-13 13:58