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File DUL38723.817a: "Unspeakable Treason"


Encryption Code 128723GH.Zeta

Unencrypted by Drake-U-LAH-2: 5.5.124@00.07

Automatic Routing to Main Archives Complete: 5.5.124@00.27

To my next-of-clone:

If you are reading this, then I am dead. Or insane. Or branded a traitor and escaped the complex. Anything can happen, and there are some things too important to entrust to Memomax.

My "hobbies" are not a sidetrack; they are the reason you are an Ultraviolet. I used be your normal frustrated clerk until I strangled one stubborn clone in red tape. The next daycycle, I was promoted to Red for "efficient handling of requests". As my sadistic tendencies grew, the promotions piled up. At Green clearance, I noticed a security camera watching my actions. At Indigo clearance, following one unusually creative recycling, I heard laughter. I had a mysterious benefactor, it seemed. I never let on that I knew.

As I climbed up the ranks, I had access to many of the utopian texts that are the basis for our society. The info within troubled me. Few of them had more than one Secret Society, and those were completely controlled by the government. The concept of 20+ rebel groups was unthinkable. No mutant threats, no surprise mass purgings, no explosions, disasters, and mayhem every weekcycle. Nothing like the mess you find yourself in.

Take a look at your fellow Ultraviolets. They're not the paragon citizens of Alpha Complex like the lower-clearanced are led to believe. You can't find a loyal one among them. All of them are either neck-deep in Secret Society dealings, involved in petty rivalries, or wildly eccentric. If Friend Computer realized what a horrible job they actually do, It would exterminate the whole lot of them. But It doesn't. The most loyal citizens are stuck at the bottom, while the most sadistic and cunning traitors rise to the highest ranks of society.

After my designation as an "Honorary Information Gatherer" by IntSec, I participated in constructings follow-up reports to many of the major acts of sabotage threatening our complex. Almost all of them had nothing in common, except for one thing:

They were all coincidences.

We came up with elaborate schemes and conspiracies to explain them away, but we knew that the chances of a half-dozen sabotage attempts and a couple freak accidents combining to form one catastrophe was 1 in a million. It was happening every yearcycle. Something was controlling all of it, but no one knew who it was.

There are some parts of Friend Computer that even It won't reveal to us. These restrictions surely wouldn't be in place for the most trusted citizens of Friend Computer. Therefore, there must be a GAMMA_Clearance. These Gammas would have access to all of Friend Computer's secrets and be able to effect changes that we can only dream of.

Now, follow my statement about treason in the upper ranks to its obvious conclusion. Rather than being the most loyal of citizens, the Gammas are the worst of the worst, the most insidious, scheming, sadistic, cruel traitors known.

If they were loyal, then Alpha Complex would resemble Oceania circa 1984. If they were Commies, we would all be wearing Red by now. But they are worse than that. The Gammas keep Alpha Complex tottering between revolution and utopia. They torment entire sectors for laughs. We are nothing more than playthings for their amusement, and we are doomed to suffer forever at the cruel hands of their slave, The Computer.

We are not battling the traitors; we are performing for them. That is the Unspeakable Treason.


To test out my theory, I mentioned a few of the necessary clues to one of the few semi-loyal colleagues I knew, a High Programmer by the name of Mar-U-TYR-9. My plants stated that he was beginning to research something about "treason at the highest levels of our society". One weekcycle later, he and all of his clones were murdered in gruesomely creative ways. I was on the review board; over a half-dozen Secret Societies were implicated in the calamity. Our first, unacceptable conclusion was that the circumstances surrounding his deaths were "utterly coincidental".

Never, ever mention knowledge of the Unspeakable Treason. Death comes to all who do.


Another catastrophe, this time one called the Toothpaste_Disaster. Of course I get stuck on the review board for it. Hopefully this time we can come up with a better excuse than "pure coincidence".

In the ruckus, Flo-U-RID-3 was overkilled and all her clones were recycled. Deja vu.

They seem to get worse every yearcycle. I wonder when they'll get tired of this little game and blow Alpha Complex to kingdom come. It'll sure be one heckuva show; I'll have to make sure I'm alive to see it.

Hopefully it doesn't have anything to do with the new rumors I'm hearing that the ZRT_Treason_Analyzer is "modifying" messages passed through it.

Stay on your toes.

-- Drake-U-LAH-1


Refs: Flo-U-RID-3, GAMMA_Clearance



2013-06-13 14:00