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Unidentified Contractors


Voice #1: Y-y-y-you don't scare us!

Drake: I'm just holding a discussion here. It will be very informative. Let me start. Do you know what this is?

Voice #2: Uh, no?

Drake: It's a Modular Interrogation Contraption, or M.I.C. for short. Made in-house by sadistic PLC clerks, it consists of over three dozen modules, one for each major form of torture. I can put them together any way I wish and run you through it at the touch of a button, creating a customized form of automated agony. Let me demonstrate it for you...

*sound of button click followed by sound of machinery starting up*

Voice #1: Hurk- bluuech!

*sound of vomit splashing on floor*

Drake: Whoops, forgot to clean out that one. Those intestines are always gumming up the gears. I'll wash them out later. Now, who wants to go first?"

Voice #2: "We'll talk, we'll talk!"

*sound of sobbing*


PLC is always known for its efficiency, and its High Programmers are no different. Witness the power of civilian thinking!

The unidentified contractors are unidentified no more. They came from 6 different groups, each with a different purpose:

None of the contractors knew who had produced Internal_Security_Order_3367/4-LAH.

They are still being disposed of slowly and painfully.


Refs: Flo-U-RID-3, Internal_Security_Order_3367/4-LAH, League_of_Extraordinary_Dadaists, Pearly_Whites_Tea_Club, WhirledRON_Energy, XOR-I/Ent_X-Press, Zero_Teeth_Movement, Zero_Tolerance_Mouthwash_Accident



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