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I think I have found a startling link that may help in uncovering serious questions regarding the Toothpaste_Disaster. Close scrutiny of the security tapes from VED sector have identified over 50 of the rioting INFRARED clones. Going through their history shows that they all received their Baseline_Dental_Health initiative training through the same MindRoom training program. I have found the program and, having studied it, ordered the destruction of all other copies.

MindRoom is an illusionary-reality program that is able to create complete interactive environments. While we use them most commonly for recreation or to imprint our stored memories on newly decanted clones, they are used by HPD&MC (among others) for training purposes through the Helmet_Of_Education. One such program instills the mandatory compliance for Baseline_Dental_Health codes. The specific program BDH-83Q-3-ROM was programmed by Judas-G-OAT-2, an up and coming producer. It seems that his training on the use of Toothpaste Supplements was exceedingly intense.

As described in the Four_Reactor_Foam_Flood, a transbot crash caused many sectors to fill with a frothy and foam-like flood, which can be easily mistaken for Toothpasty Supplements 3-6 (including Toothpasty_Supplement_#5). Seeing so much Toothpasty Supplements, the clones imprinted with BDH-83Q-3-ROM did not run screaming in horror from the foam flood, but rather tried to cleanse their teeth with it! In addition to dissolving their mouths instantly, the pain and corrosive foam drove them insane, inciting the rioting which quickly spread from ROM to ROC, ROD and RON sectors and eventually into the chaos of VED Sector.

I have taken the liberty of ordering Judas-G to report to Internal Security, although any punishments or commendation should result from the full reporting of this committee. I have already begun the paperwork on the finding as Wrap-up_Report_ROM/VED-37JN-187.334-k Judas-G-OAT-2's Complicities in The Toothpaste Disaster. Since research is my field of expertise, I shall leave it to one of my fine colleagues here to complete the report in full.



I bet if we review whatever remains of his pre-Disaster service record, we'll find that Judas-G-OAT-2 knew, and probably promoted in parallel with, Scape-G-OAT-6, who managed to briefly gain access to this report in its earliest days. A connection from the Toothpaste_Disaster to Judas-G-OAT to Scape-G-OAT to someone on this panel who has been overseeing attempts on the lives of their peers... Is there perhaps an OAT Sector Cabal that is, in its own way, as much a threat-- or moreso!-- than the OUS_Sector_Cabal?

-- Knok-U-OUT-6

Perhaps. Although it may simply be that the OUS_Sector_Cabal has broadened its recruiting efforts - or relocated to avoid capture. It's only one sector over, after all.

Insert editing mark Beta now.

-- Err-U-DYT-9

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