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Y-Chromosome Cabal

As mentioned elsewhere, the Y-Chromosome Cabal is best known for it's legendary purchase of 100,000 QwikPaste_Spray_Bottles which they used to inject X-Cell into clones with X Chromosomes. They must not have realized this was everyclone.. you'd have to assume this was some kind of gender related group.. or at least an intelligence-lacking related group. Men have the Y, and women don't, but they both have X, and we all of course have the new, improved C chromosome (the artificial chromosome designed by your friend and mine, The Computer (and your friendly local R&D geneticist)). Have you upgraded your C chromosome to the latest version (322.93b, new this weekcycle)? Be sure that you do, citizen, the license you agreed to when downloading the most recent chromosome security update required you to do so - High Programmer or not. And you probably would rather not know what happens to your cellular structure if your license expires. BTW, if you sign up to be a beta tester for new C development releases (we like to call them C+) during the next six cycles, and file your debugging reports on time, you get a 15% credit bonus to your salary for as long as you survive*!

Reports indicate that many Y members were careless with X-Cell and ended up destroying their X chromosomes entirely and losing, generally, control over half their brain and body function. This, ironically, stands in stark contrast to the very limited medical effect seen with in females - who have a backup X to work with when their primary X is knocked out.

Whatever they thought they were doing, the Y Cabal only hurt themselves. It's lucky their entire membership was present during the ToothpasteRebellion in CRY sector when it was detonated. Lucky for them.

-- Toothy-U

* 15% Credit bonus licensed for purchase of your choice of R&D products. All purchases must be done on Thirdsdaycycle. Purchase must be made while standing on one foot and touching tip of nose with right forefinger and left pinky ONLY. No exceptions.

Refs: X-Cell, QwikPaste_Spray_Bottles, ToothpasteRebellion


As demonstrated by Paul-U-LEG-9 in his investigation into the role of X-Cell in the Toothpaste_Disaster, the Y-Chromosome Cabal is still extant, a year after the ToothpasteRebellion. Drake-U-LAH-1 may well have been a member. What about you, Toothy-U? Your lies are transparent, yet you try them anyway. What is it that you are trying to hide?

-- Jan-U-ARY-31

By your very questioning you are demonstrating that I am not 'trying to hide' anything. Either I was _hiding_ something, which would be consistent with your not knowing about it, or I was not hiding anything at all, which is still consistent with you not knowing of anything. Thus, your assertion that I was trying to hide something (implying lack of success by the addition of the word 'trying') is clearly incorrect. And what, may I remind you, is the penalty for false accusation of treason? In this case, it is, of course, termination.

Thus I terminate you, Jan-U-ARY-31.


I wish your clone family no ill will: May 32 not ask so many questions (and have far less hideous mutations).

-- Toothy-U-NIX-4


FROM: Friend Computer
TO: Toothy-U-NIX-4
RE: Termination of Jan-U-ARY-30

Hi there, friend Toothy-U-NIX-4!  Would you please report to the nearest Termination
Center for debriefing?  Thank you, and have a nice daycycle!


Will you please get out of my house?! Surveillance indicates that you just shot Jan-U-ARY-30. 1 Do you know how hard it'll be to get the stains out of the carpet? And it's not like I even tried to use her as a cunning substitute -- you're just stupid! And insane. HEL sector... don't make me call the Green_Bonnets. They'll break something, I know they will.

-- Jan-U-ARY-31, still posting from a secure location

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