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"X-Cell," it was, scrawled across Drake-U-LAH-1's computer monitor after perusing the Manifesto_Out_of_Space_and_Time. It is also the name of a chemical used by the Y-Chromosome_Cabal, an enzyme that attacks the X chromosome in clone DNA, and one of the chemicals investigated in the cases of the errant Iron_Chef units involved in the Toothpasty_Supplement_#5 mixup.

The connection? Unknown, until now.

Sadly, an examination of the blood present at the site indicates, that:

Somehow, he was aware of this, and scrawled the message as a warning. At least, that's what the new VPRWare Experimental Forenso-Comp tells us, in conjunction with some thoughts from IntSec agents overseeing the test. Was the madness induced by the Manifesto actually the preliminary effects of the breakdown of his body itself, if only in part? The original copy of the Manifesto would be needed to determine this, and that, unfortunately, is lost to us, along with the still (to my knowledge) missing Drake-U-LAH-1.

IntSec and the Forenso-Comp propose that the Manifesto was somehow laced with the chemical, which would slowly build up in the system of the reader over a long period of time. Finally, upon reaching a critical mass, would begin cellular breakdown at the genetic level. This could trigger the madness assumed to have struck Drake-U-LAH-1. Did he try to warn the rest of the panel before fleeing?

I have my personal doubts -- after all, the revelation of the Unspeakable_Treason file shows no great love for his colleages, even those of us not drowning in Secret Society connections or petty rivalries. But he did seem driven to uncover the truth behind the Disaster, which may have led him to take a chance and warn us before being driven completely mad. Perhaps. In fact, combined with the body count on this panel, I have to consider it more likely.

I look forward to the final report (as yet still held up by Friend Computer) on case Zed/Omega-38458-QYT_-_IntSec_Investigation_of_Jan-U. I wonder, given the complaints of gender balance on the commission in the QwikPaste_Spray_Bottles entry, what connections may lie within.

Of course, it is possible that Viral_Thought_Patterns, as accused in Ken-U-RON-7's Vegeta-R-IAN-3 file, also affected Drake-U as Ken-U claims they affect others. But we have the chemical proof here for this one. Perhaps a trapped copy of a trapped document?

Refs: Iron_Chef, QwikPaste_Spray_Bottles, Toothpasty_Supplement_#5, Unspeakable_Treason, Vegeta-R-IAN-3, Viral_Thought_Patterns, Y-Chromosome_Cabal, Zed/Omega-38458-QYT_-_IntSec_Investigation_of_Jan-U

-- Paul-U-LEG-9


2013-06-13 14:00