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Im w/stupid

Alternately: I'm With Stupid. IAMWITHSTUPID. i-wit-stuupid.

This phrase (in one form or another) has come up a few times in my investigation of the Toothpaste_Disaster. From what I've gathered, "Im w/stupid" was the name of a dance craze, popular among factory workers and other low clearance citizens. Supposedly inspired by the vigorous (and often sensuous) movements experienced during an Exercise_Pills training session, "Im w/stupid" was sweeping the Alpha Complex in the weekcycles before the disaster. The dance was generally accompanied by an audio file that had been distributed through the illicit Zapster file-sharing network. The file contained noisy, repetitious music that was unremarkable except that it featured the sampled (ie. STOLEN) sound of emergency Xyrens as part of the rhythm track.

Perhaps this explains why thousands of clones were observed doing this dance, even as life support systems crashed around them. When the Disaster occurred, and the Xyrens sounded, these clones thought *DANCE PARTY!* rather than *EVACUATE!*, *FLEE!* or *ARGGGH!* - which are considered more appropriate responses to an emergency situation. So preoccupied by limb flailing, face twitching and rump shaking, these clones seemed totally unfazed by their impending doom.

Those crazy clones with their dancing and their electro-music... but what can you do? Clones will be clones.

-- Circ-U-LAT-23

Refs: Exercise_Pills, Toothpaste_Disaster, Xyrens, Zapster


Well, Circ-U, I'd say we could implement an agressive strategy of subliminal programming and harsh anti-dancing regulations, off the top of my head. But that'd be a job for HPD&MC.

-- Servs-U

Intriguing! In my younger days (like, a few weeks ago), I was doing undercover hunt-and-destroy ops on filesharing clans-- including some Zapster Tribes-- and I found that they had managed to keep some personnel files live for Non-Extant High Programmers (NEHP), that is, HPs who have been thoroughly eliminated (much like the late lamented Flo-U-RID-3), and they were using the hollowed-out account space of these dead HPs for storage, using automated scripts, and Instant Messages as their transfer/drop method. Thus, pirated data was shuttled around by IM'ing with a High Programmer who was no longer actually listening-- just a script in their place. I know there used to be a Stu-U-PID a long time ago; is he still being used as a transfer point? Are they IM'ing w/ Stu-U-PID?

-- Knok-U-OUT-6

If so, that would display a certain amount of cleverness - but clearly, something about the concept caught on, as the masses of (now-defunct) dancing clones illustrates. Or perhaps that was promoted simply for the purposes of obfuscating the tracks of the NEHP exploiters? If so, the difference between "IM w/stupid" and "Im w/stupid" could be important.

One of those instances when a difference of capitalization is critical, I suppose.

-- Err-U-DYT-9

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