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Paranoia: The Toothpaste Disaster

This is the home page of a Lexicon game in Alpha Complex, the setting of the classic PARANOIA paper-and-dice roleplaying game. In this satirical science-fiction game, a cross between Aldous Huxley and the Marx Brothers, Alpha Complex is an underground city of the future ruled by an insane Computer. Originally published by West End Games in 1984, PARANOIA returned to print in August 2004 from Mongoose Publishing (Swindon, UK). The new edition was written mainly by longtime paranoiac Allen Varney, with considerable help from Famous Game Designer Aaron Allston and many others, under the supervision of PARANOIA co-designer Greg Costikyan.

Designed by Neel Krishnaswami, a Lexicon game is a set of glossary entries written collaboratively by all players in a WikiWikiWeb, a collection of editable Web pages. Each turn covers a specified letter(s) of the glossary; players write entries beginning with that letter. Starting in early April, 2004, this game covered two letters per turn, running turns twice a week, and concluded on May 13.

In the standard PARANOIA RPG, players become lowly Troubleshooters in service to The Computer. In this Lexicon game the players were nothing less than illustrious High Programmers who administered entire sectors of Alpha Complex. Last year the Toothpaste Disaster hit these Programmers' sectors. Fascinated high-clearance citizens across Alpha Complex sought to know more about this notorious event. The Computer created a fact-finding panel to investigate the origins, determine the causes, and implicate the traitors involved in this chaotic, mysterious, and wide-ranging disaster.

Together these High Programmers prepared an alphabetical encyclopedia and glossary, Clearance ULTRAVIOLET, which the head of Internal Security respectfully and blindly forwarded to The Computer. Sounds like routine administration? No, this is PARANOIA -- there were many fatalities, widespread acts of treason, and a few sectors apparently got engulfed in miniature black holes. Clearly lexicography in Alpha Complex is dangerous work.

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