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Total Oral Cleansing

Total Oral Cleansing is an official designation for the appropriate level of dental hygiene in Alpha Complex. Ever since Brush-U-TTH established the standards, in the Baseline_Dental_Health guidelines, this has been an extremely high priority.

This, of course, led to a spate of R&D projects with varying levels of success. The ADC, the Megadent project, Project Codename:_Ironbrush, from the Denta-Bots, Flossbot_Mk_II, and other deranged dental automatons, all aimed at enhancing what Brush-U called the Whole_Oral_Experience. Indeed, young clones are to this day still frightened with stories of the WMD_(Warriors_of_Masked_Dentistry) in order to establish good hygiene at an early age. (Hey, Al-B-GUD can't be everywhere...)

The ideal is to establish white teeth and strong gums, with refreshing breath. Some shortcuts are still taken (with Whitener_Compounds and such) but the goal is to eventually accomplish this by effort and toothpaste supplements alone. I understand there is discussion underway to require a bright sparkle upon initiation of a smile, but that seems unrealistic to me, even if Old Reckoning video records say it's possible.

One catch (aside from the various project failures associated with it) is the Internal_Toothpaste_Fallacy. The emphasis on fresh breath requires a fairly throurough mouth cleansing, which alone doubled Toothpasty_Supplement_#5 usage rates all over the Complex. When you add these jokers using three or four times that rate, shortages sneak up on you. Or rather, on the PLC services, who should have accounted for this. Instead, emergency supplies had to be distributed throught the Complex... but I won't harp on that again. We all know what happened.

Refs: ADC, Baseline_Dental_Health, Codename:_Ironbrush, Denta-Bots, Flossbot_Mk_II, Internal_Toothpaste_Fallacy, Megadent, Toothpasty_Supplement_#5, Whitener_Compounds, Whole_Oral_Experience, WMD_(Warriors_of_Masked_Dentistry)

-- Paul-U-LEG-9

Perhaps if HPD&MC wasn't so damn unrealistic in their expectations, there never would've been a shortage in the first place! We told them that doubling the rate of Toothpasty Supplement #5 production would take a yearcycle! They knew that reducing the fresh breath requirement by 10% would reduce TS5 demand by 50% and prevent critical shortages. But nooooooooo, they just HAD to have their extra 10%!

Don't blame us for not being able to pull unlimited resources out of our ass.

-- Drake-U-LAH-4

One og my colleages tells me we're looking for PLC allies now so.... You're right of course, if HPD&MC hadn't pushed and caused clones to overrun their ration allotments, it would have been better.

Um, where's the delete option for that first sentence.... this but--

-- Paul-U-LEG-9

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