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Molecular Dissolution Reactions

A well known, highly problematic side effect of a number of otherwise acceptable treatments and chemicals. Quite simply, the affected material dissolves down into goo, the texture of which can sometimes be used to determine what the goo once was (organic materials tend to dissolve to stringy goo, metals into smooth, thin goo, and plastics into sticky, tacky goo. This is not, however, reliable.). The biggest problem of these reactions is that they are self-catalyzing, that is, the product of a substance's dissolution into goo will usually trigger further Molecular_Dissolution_Reactions in that substance. The end result of this is that unless the affected portion, be it of a Bot, wall, or Citizen, is separated, adjacent areas will dissolve, spreading the reaction until nothing is left (as in the so-called Cavity Creep of the COL_gate_incident).

Interestingly, while MDRs are normally an unwanted side effect, it has some uses. Galvanic_Accelerant_Dip, has, in recent years, been used primarily for the deliberate induction of MDRs, and its successor, Superconductive_Solution_SIGMA, coincidentally is produced by inducing Molecular Dissolution in used BBB canisters, laser barrels, and LeadLike. Similarly, QwikPaste_Spray_Bottles, containing a binary solution meant to induce, and then stop Molecular Dissolution, provide an easy-to-use, universal, permanent bonding agent, though, of course, misuse can be dangerous to both the user and its environs.

Where the COL_gate_incident was primarily a Molecular Dissolution Reaction run completely out of control or containment, Alpha Complex was lucky, thank the Computer, that the majority of further runanway MDRs were contained during the heart of the Toothpaste_Disaster, and no more than a few housing blocs were goo-ified.

Refs: COL_gate_incident, Galvanic_Accelerant_Dip, QwikPaste_Spray_Bottles, Superconductive_Solution_SIGMA, Toothpaste_Disaster.



It's fortunate for us all that Sea_Water acts as a counter-agent to most Molecular Dissolution Reactions. The same leakage that spoiled the Jelloidal_InterNode_Exchange_(JINx) also served to reduce the spread of the "cavity creep."

-- Jan-U-ARY-31

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