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LeadLike is a flexible, multipurpose chemical and radiation resistant lead substitute. Developed in YC168, in response to Alpha Complexes diverse requirements for ever increasing quantities of actual lead (See the following reports: AF362-2a-123xx "Armed Forces projected ammunition requirements, the next 50 years"; PLC127-0800-2312 "The importance of heavy metals in infrared nutrition"; and HPDMC4d34-12c "Increased recommendations for domicile wall thickness and composition for clearances above Blue"), LeadLike has been approved for most lead-substitution purposes for clearance levels Yellow and below. It has also been approved as a component of reactor shielding, not to exceed 3050% total shielding composition (Note: I suspect a typo in this approval. The lab reports all recommend 30.50%. Perhaps R&D and Power should get together and go over this... Mesh-U).

Leadlike is composed as follows1:

Two noteable failures of Leadlike to live up to it's specification occured in Nuclear Facility RON-372/ A, where it failed to resist the impact of a rogue transbot, it's failure to prevent the use of certain unregistered mutant abilities by mutants caught in Mutant_Traps, and a variety of reports of radiation sickness by members of Reactor_Operational_Function_Lackey_(ROFL) teams.

-- Mesh-U-GNA-1

1 From R&D primary report on the development of LeadLike.


Now, now, I'm quite sure this content breakdown is incorrect. Did the R&D development team just crib notes off a corrupted copy of the Gatzmann_Archives downloaded from an infected Helmet_Of_Education or something? Recycled surplus PLC X-ray film is used in all sorts of things, but LeadLike is not one of them. At least not to the tune of 56%! There's just not enough surplus used film (or even new film!) around to provide so much content for the sheer mass of LeadLike that has been manufactured to date.

I am, to say the least, skeptical.

-- Knok-U-OUT-6

Actually, Knok-U, I've run the numbers... Every clone in Alpha Complex has a mandatory health maintenance and joy enhancement session at least twice a month. In each of these sessions, between 3 and 29 (avg 7) X-ray exposures are taken, persuant to a variety of Computer mandates for checking both for health, as well as mutation, and smuggling internally of small objects. There was nearly a 150 year backlog of used films when Leadlike production began, and while we are not quite generating new films at the rate we're using old ones to produce Leadlike, the backlog should be able to cover production for at least another 34 years. I suspect that should Leadlike continue to be in high demand, reasons will be found to increase the number of X-ray exposures taken well before that time. I

-- Mesh-U


2013-06-13 13:58