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METro Cheques

Like your trusted laser, METro Cheques are wonderful troubleshooting companions. The cheques are accepted at dozens of transaction points around the Alpha Complex, and are issued in the most popular forms of licensed credits, such as RealAnchovies, ShredderBots and JabberPills.

As an added convenience, Dual-encoded METro Cheques are available at selected sectors. These cheques carry the licensed credits encrypted with an amazingly secure Quasi-Random algorithm. The actual nature of licensed credits is only revealed when the METro Cheque is cashed, making the bearer immune to traitors targeting specific licensed credits.

The next time you go on a mission, ask for METro Cheques. They are safe, secure, accepted around the Alpha Complex, and you can easily get a refund if your cheques are lost or stolen. Note: you are expected to safeguard, without negligence, all cheques as any clone would safeguard a like amount of credits. Certain restrictions are contained within the purchase agreement J9/NERF46-EW43.

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In addition to the widespread METro Cheque abuse on the KriegsList, several Troubleshooter teams were recently conned by a traitor using the highly suspicious alias of Tomas-C-UKE-3. The traitor sold a large number of forged METro Cheques, claiming that they were licensed for Cone Rifle Accessories. Actually, the cheques were licensed for Bile_Suppressant, anchovy taste.

Note to all Troubleshooters: Despite frequent and fraudulent claims, Cyan is not a sanctioned security sub-clearance. Roy-G-BIV. How hard can it be to remember that?

Refs: Bile_Suppressant, KriegsList, Quasi-Random, Roy-G-BIV

Addendum: The average processing time for refunding of stolen METro Cheques is 29.43 daycycles.

-- Enkid-U-RUK-4


Coincidentally, d'average time t'break d'encryption is 'bout d'same, if'n y'know somebody's who good at it. Dese guys'll buy d'Cheque from youse after y'report it stolen, see, for a percent'a its face value in unlicensed cred-- most will offer youse five or ten percent but take it from me, hold out for fifteen at least-- and youse can pocket dat plus d'refund for d'original amount. An' d'refunds is almost always less strictly-licensed den d'originals. Dunno why. Somethin' wrong wit' d'system dat tracks dat stuff, I guess. Anyway, youse hold onto d'refund until y'fence cracks d'encryption, den y'both submit d'Cheques in d'same daycycle. d'System always assumes d'submission request is valid at d'front end an' y'both gets y'money, but at d'end of d'cycle, when d'servers back up t'PLC, it only has room t'back one combination'a Cheque number payout an' cycle number, an' d'other payout gets dropped on d'proverbial floor. Nobody's ever d'wiser dat it got paid twice. (d'System is able t'record d'same Cheque number on different daycycles, 'cause dat's how it thinks it monitors f'evidence of forgery an' documents it f'fraud investigators.)

-- Knok-U-OUT-7

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