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Gigglespeek describes a state of permanent laughter as a result of drug-induced brain damage. Hardly a new phenomenon in Alpha Complex, you might say. Indeed, some would say many citizens display such behaviour almost all of the time.

Whilst itÂ’s true that mandatory pharmaceutical supplements do give the average lower clearance citizen a permanent look of dumb happiness, Gigglespeek is something quite different. Victims appear to have suffered lasting brain damage, specifically to their cerebrum which in turn affects their speech functions and over stimulates their zygomatic major muscle. The symptoms are an inability to talk normally as well as severe and unrelenting attacks of the giggles. This state persists during both during both waking and sleeping states making life rather interesting for anyone who has to share a dormitory with a sufferer.

Indeed, no-one had previously dared suspect that happy, laughing citizens were a problem until the alarming 434% rise in industrial accidents that occurred in the wake of the Glee_Quotas era. Further investigation determined that citizens who had also been exposed to the then newly introduced Laughing_Fun had a 45% chance of developing Gigglespeek.

Despite the problem of increased accidents, no-one was really prepared to tell Friend Computer that some citizens were actually too happy until the Zero_Tolerance_Mouthwash_Accident occurred. After that, no-one could argue that we had a problem on our hands.


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