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The series of calamities surrounding the development of Defective_Batch_ACA675T09-XXXX all happened due to a development error in Syntelligent_Systems' systems. In order to "ensure quick cross-pollination of experiments", they stored their experimental substances and manufacturing compounds in the same database unit.

This error was quickly taken advantage of by a treasonous group of File Sharers, eager to retaliate against Syntelligent_Systems for their development of "Electronic_Security_Measure_Capice". Part of the manufacturing process for miniaturized Asimov Circuits is immersion in a solution of silicon ferride. A little variable swapping later, they managed to replace that vital chemical with experimental product B4, which was also developed by Circ-U-LAT's Syntelligent_Systems.

The compounds of the B4 bound themselves to key parts of the asimov circuits. I will leave it to my R&D contemporaries to explain exactly what happened, but the end result was that strange new connections were made between different objects and actions. As a result, all references to The Computer in the Asimov Circuits were changed to the Primary Objective of the bot.

For the Denta-Bots, that happened to be citizens' teeth. Unfortunately, this superseded the citizens themselves. The horrible aftermath is detailed in my commentary to the Denta-Bots article.

Most startling of all was the fact that the whole thing could've been avoided had Syntelligent_Systems installed "Electronic_Security_Measure_Capice" on their own systems. Was it merely incompetence, or do they know something about it they aren't telling us?

-- Drake-U-LAH-1

Refs: B4, Denta-Bots, Electronic_Security_Measure_Capice, Syntelligent_Systems


I eagerly await Circ-U-LAT's explanation of this little incident.

-- Jan-U-ARY-31

Indeed. This level of incompetance is highly treasonous! I should send over some Summary Execution Forms right away...

-- Omega-U-MAN-5

Put that form away, before you sign your name in the wrong place and accidentially authorize your own execution. Like your predecessor did.

For the record, there was nothing "Defective" about that particular batch of circuits. What you refer to as a defect, was actually a feature. Besides, it was experimental circuitry, never intended to be used in Denta-Bots until we had finished testing it. However, certain High Programmers (you know who you are) were so worried about the problem of Tooth_Decay in the Alpha Complex, they elected to skip the testing phrase, and simply released the upgraded Denta-Bots to the public - despite my well documented protests. Of course, all of that carnage could have been avoided if Alpha Complex citizens had simply taken better care of their teeth from the start.

-- Circ-U-LAT-23


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