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Piping reactor waste out is all well and good, and generally over 95.35% efficient and 90.01% safe, but where a new reactor has been comissioned but no waste-removal pipes have yet been laid, or where there is a disruption due to incident, sabotage, or overload, the carting of radioactive waste by work crews (generally, Power & Tech), called Active_Waste_Management, is used.

To put it most simply, a crew, equipped with LeadLike-lined hazard suits, removes the waste from the reactor, carts it to a storage or disposal facility, and reports for decontamination. Although there is an efficiency loss (to 75.25%), safety rises to 98.34%, with only 2.66% of clones engaged in Active_Waste_Management reporting radiation-related effects more than 3 weekcycles after service (some naysayers insist that this is due to a high death-rate of clones before the 3-weekcycle followup survey, but this can be discounted. For more on tracking procedures, please see Fixed-Period_Followup_Survey/Assessment/Inquest/Debriefing_Program_(F-PFS/A/I/DP)).

Unfortunately, along with the loss in efficiency, there is some loss in security, but this is minor, and treasonous in any event.

Active_Waste_Management was in use at Nuclear_Facility_RON-372/B, due to deficiencies in piping procedures towards the end of its operational life.


Refs: LeadLike, Fixed-Period_Followup_Survey/Assessment/Inquest/Debriefing_Program_(F-PFS/A/I/DP), Nuclear_Facility_RON-372/B.

I should point out that the widely-rumored notion that LeadLike is nothing more than recycled PLC-surplus X-ray film has been demonstrated, at this point, to have its origin in the highly disreputable Gatzmann_Archives, and any claim of a correlation between increasing use of LeadLike and the recent rise in Spontaneous_Mutation_Syndrome must clearly be coming from a treasonously dirty mouth.

-- Knok-U-OUT-5

"Deficiencies" is possibly the wrong word here, I'd like to clarify. In the monthcycles prior to Nuclear_Facility_RON-372/B's shutdown, the Alternative_Troubleshooter_Team_Insertion_Conduit_(ATTIC) program was being ramped up, and R&D requested access to some shared conduits used by RON-372/B and several plants already taken off-line. Since RON-372/B was scheduled for decommissioning due to economic factors by the end of the yearcycle anyway, permission was granted, and Active_Waste_Management was called in as a stopgap measure. RON sector's power plants remain a paradigm of efficiency, and it would be a shame to let confusing wording lead anyone to different impressions.

-- Ken-U-RON-6

Active Waste Management has always represented a positive resource regulation standard for Power Services, in providing an efficient service, continued functionality and demanding, horizon-expanding work opportunities for Infrared Citizens keen to get ahead. The use of LeadLike-lined hazard suits and post-operational doses of Diphenhydromegatoxine has ensured high praise for the safety standards and clone care being maintained, and the operations at Nuclear_Facility_RON-372/B were no different in this respect.

-- Costin-U-MOR-8


2013-06-13 13:52