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Zapr-U-DER Film

Shortly before the Toothpaste_Disaster occured, High Programmer Zapr-U-DER-4 was in line to obtain tickets to a Rand-Y-ROK_&_The_ROKbots show in ROK sector. For a number of reasons (including poor crowd control by IntSec and overhyping of the show by HPD&MC) the crowds back up into several surrounding sectors. Stuck in backed up INFRARED traffic back in RON sector, Zapr-U-DER promptly snagged a multicorder from a passing Troubleshooter team and began recording the incident.

The first three multicorder tapes are endless shots of crowds chanting "Rand-Y! Rand-Y!" It is the fourth tape that we find important. At this point, Zapr-U-DER had more or less stayed in place for six hours.

After this point, the tape continues to record the rescue efforts, with little more of value to our investigation.

There are other analysts who have, based on the "film" (as most investigators have begun calling it), promulgated all manner of theories based on little background tidbits in the tapes. Some even claim that, due to a flash shortly before the Armed Forces troops opened fire, that Zapr-U-DER himself killed Al-B-GUD, or at least someone other than VS Bravo 9. Some also claim that the timestamp on the video record indicates that the initial tremor took place before the ATTIC crash, indicating intentional sabotage (perhaps in conjunction with the attempt to seize the Little_Red_Disk?). This is largely rejected by most researchers, including myself, since Zapr-U-DER-5 (Zapr-U-DER-4 having been executed for theft of Computer equipment and failing to act in a Complex Emergency) even agress that the multicorder chronometer was "a little off." (The Troubleshooter who was assigned the multicorder in question was executed for losing and failing to properly maintain Computer equipment.)

Such is the now nearly legendary Zapr-U-DER Film. In the end, not really much help to the investigation.

-- Paul-U-LEG-9


Yet again, this so-called "art" proves to be a menace to Alpha Complex. Zapr-U-DER-4 would have been on the job if not for this Rand-Y-ROK_&_The_ROKbots nonsense! Who knows how many Property_Value_(Computer)_Units could have been saved if he had been at his post?

-- Jan-U-ARY-31

Yes, but "this Rand-Y-ROK_&_The_ROKbots nonsense" wouldn't be so big if it weren't for the old Glee_Quotas program. Thus, if we must insist upon seeing the ROKbots as a threat, we can certainly blame IntSec for making them such.

-- Paul-U-LEG-9

IntSec only started up the Glee_Quotas under pressure from HPD&MC. So I think we know where the blame truly lies.

-- Jan-U

Jan-U, I couldn't agree more.

-- Paul-U-LEG-9


2013-06-13 14:00