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Rand-Y-ROK & The ROKbots

Rand-Y-ROK & The ROKbots are one of the hottest acts to come out of the Glee_Quotas program. Indeed, I remember well that first month of the GQ operation, watching an untried new talent, Rand-R-ROK, take the crowd at that first Free Concert Festival by storm with his rendition of "Livin' La Vida Complex." With a donation of four MusicBots by Syntelligent_Systems and a promotion for blowing the top off the Glee_Quotas for that night, the band that all Alpha Complex knows and loves came into being.

Indeed, their succession of number one Alpha Complex hits over the yearcycles, from "Once In A Clonelife" to "She Blinded Me With A Treasonous Blue-Level Laser," from a forgivable trace of FCCCP influence in "Computer Loves Me (This I Know)," to their sole foray into the political arena, "Commies Are Bad," their positive influence on Alpha Complex morale cannot be doubted.

Granted, it's annoying now that one can't get tickets for their shows without wading through endless masses of screaming INFRAREDs. In fact, at the general time frame of the Toothpaste_Disaster, they were planning on a "hometown show" in ROK sector, with the crowds looking for tickets spilling over into surrounding sectors. Thus, when the ATTIC Transbot crashed in RON sector, masses of INFRAREDs looking for tickets (thanks to Viral_Thought_Patterns used to advertise the concert outside ROK sector) kept help from arriving in a timely manner. A fellow High Programmer also there to get tickets, one Zapr-U-DER, kept a visual record of the chaos with the intention of dressing down whatever HPD&MC personnel booked the show in this manner, when the beginnings of the disaster occured. This resulted in the now infamous Zapr-U-DER_Film.

Refs: Alternative_Troubleshooter_Team_Insertion_Conduit_(ATTIC), Four_Reactor_Foam_Flood, Glee_Quotas, Syntelligent_Systems, Toothpaste_Disaster, Viral_Thought_Patterns, Zapr-U-DER_Film (Note, not all were direct link references in the text, but were referred to.)

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-- Paul-U-LEG-9

A "forgivable trace of FCCCP influence," eh? In a widely available entertainment program? I'd like to know who approved that.

-- Jan-U-ARY-31

The Mystics use mind-altering chemicals...yet all INFRAREDs have a required regimen of mind-altering chemicals. Death Leopard destroys things - but so do many loyal citizens, executing demolition orders like Demolition_Order_#32A/74-43491. And simply because Pro Tech approves of and supports technology research doesn't mean we shouldn't do so ourselves. (Though admittedly, R&D is often terribly mismanaged.)

"Trust and obey Friend Computer" is certainly an acceptable message - even if stated by the FCCCP.

-- Err-U-DYT-9

If that's what Paul-U meant, then he's misusing language with an almost treasonous abandon. Would you say that all INFRAREDS are showing Mystics influence, or that loyal citizens executing demolition orders are showing PURGE influence, or that all R&D researchers show Pro Tech influence?

"Trust and obey Friend Computer" is not inherently an FCCCP message. If a clone's first response to seeing that message is to think it's an FCCCP message, that clone has been corrupted by secret society propaganda and can scarcely be called a loyal citizen.

-- Jan-U

Very true. However, what may be apparent as a trace of FCCCP influence (in phrasing, word choice, or whatnot) to someone authorized to know about the FCCCP may not necessarily be evident to your average RED clearance citizen, nor have any particularly treasonous impact, depending on the particulars. By analogy, a drug given to INFRAREDs might have "a forgivable touch of Mystics influence" if it were similar in composition to chemical compounds discovered by the Mystics.

The issue at question is really who defines "forgivable", as you originally asked. Friend Computer is the ultimate authority in such matters, of course - and Rand-Y-ROK's songs are certainly popular enough (whether one considers that fortunate or not) to have come to Its direct attention. I'm not seeing any increase in Rand-Y's Cumulative Treason Index as a result of performing the song in question, so in the absence of further evidence, I must conclude that Paul-U is correct and that whatever FCCCP influence is present in the song is, as he said, "forgivable".

(It would be interesting to know where the notion for that song originally came from, though. Perhaps I'll look into that once this report is complete.)

-- Err-U

Well, it is worth noting that, of the Secret Societies, Friend Computer has shown more tolerance toward FCCCP than most others in the past. So, it's still treasonous, but as Err-U says, it's who defines forgivable. In this case, it has been Friend Computer.

-- Paul-U-LEG-9


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