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ROM Sector

ROM Sector At A Glance
POPULATION: 12,753.2 clones
(8,720 INFRARED, 3,141.6 RED to GREEN, 886.6 BLUE to VIOLET, 5 ULTRAVIOLET)
(Note: figures last updated prior to the ["Four Reactor Foam Flood"]; current figures may be much lower.)
MAJOR INDUSTRIES: Waste Disposal Research, Hazardous Material Storage, Nutritional and Dental Supplement
Manufacturing, Memory Bank Operation, Boot Disposal
LANDMARKS: The HPD&MC Waste Research Labs, Landfill 49-B, Nuclear Facility ROM-38 (bring hazard suits)
DID YOU KNOW: ROM Sector is the only known sector in Alpha Complex with two completely independent
but otherwise identical sewage systems?

As one of the major sectors involved in recent events, ROM has been under much scrutiny lately. It was a victim of the Four_Reactor_Foam_Flood, of course, though it was the least damaged of all four sectors. The Little_Red_Disk is stored in ROM sector, and members of the possibly-apocryphal RED-Clearance_Revolution attempted to abscond with it. It was the site of the first known case of Mnemonic_Meltdown. And, most disturbingly, recent investigations have proven a 92.37% infiltration rate by the Zero_Teeth_Movement into the sector's Food Vats and Nutritional and Dental Supplement Manufacturing facilities -- many traitors are still on the run. (These, of course, are believed to be the same clones responsible for the Fluoride_Incident. At least half of them apparently transitioned into the sector via the Group_Assignment_Services_Exchange_Scheme_(GASES), adding to its long list of faults.)

Given all that's happened, it's unsurprising that the sector is under complete lockdown as of this writing. Only INDIGOS and higher are allowed any kind of free movement at all; everyone else is under close supervision by armed IntSec troopers. Power is a constant problem -- Nuclear Facility ROM-38 was the only functioning generator in the sector at the time of the Foam Flood. WhirledRON_Energy moved subsidiary offices into the sector as a gesture of goodwill, to provide power at the understandably marked-up rate, but that system collapsed when WhirledRON did. Current arrangements are understandably ad-hoc.

Investigation into the focus of treason in this sector continues. I personally strongly suspect a link between the Zero_Teeth_Movement and the so-called RED-Clearance_Revolution, but I'm at a loss as to why Zero Teeth would want the Little_Red_Disk. It's highly dangerous, yes, but doesn't seem to coincide much with their aims.

Then again, I'm still new at this. Anyone have any thoughts?

-- Ken-U-RON-7

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Indeed, you are new at this. While you note that the Fluoride_Incident and Mnemonic_Meltdown both originated in this Sector, you missed the fact that Krypton_Difluoride_Welding_Rods, which are now apparantly being used by Psion members, also started off with materials from this sector. It seems quite the coincidence that Psion, a group notorious for their treasonous mutant mental powers and the promotion thereof finds a useful material in the same sector where the Fluoride_Incident "produced mind-warping hallucinations of fantastic and horrific scenes", and where the first case of Mnemonic_Meltdown occurred. I think the correlation at this point is obvious, and no doubt if you're around long enough to gain more experience, you'll start to spot these things on your own.

Perhaps most concerning however is that, as I dug into the records, it's become apparant that I am not the first to make this connection. An investigation into this matter was started by none other than Flo-U-RID-3 herself, notable enemy of the Zero_Teeth_Movement, as you point out. It's taken some digging, as it seems many of the records related to this have already been requested for the Wrap-up_Report_ROM/VED-37JN-187.334-k, but I was able to determine that one of the final messages to Flo-U indicated that the investigation was nearing completion only day-cycles before the Four_Reactor_Foam_Flood and that they had discovered Unspeakable_Treason, but still needed to collect evidence.

So far, all of my efforts to cross-reference known Psion or Zero Teeth members with a citizen who lost a large amount of wealth in the shutdown of the Property_Value_(Computer)_Units have come to naught. However, since three troubleshooter teams have been liquified in the course of the investigations, I think I'm getting close.

-- Watt-U


2013-06-13 14:00