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RED-Clearance Revolution

How organized were the members of the RED-Clearance Revolution? Were they actually members of an organized revolution at all?

Don-U-DON-11 reports on the Little Red Disk that these traitors broke into the HPD&MC ICU in ROM sector to steal the Little_Red_Disk. During interrogation, however, none of them produced any useful information. Admittedly, their dissolved tongues and throats may be partially responsible for their lack of contribution.

But further, what is the first time we heard of this RED-Clearance Revolution? Has the HUACAC placed the revolution on their list of Known or Suspected Traitors (Living and Retroactive)? Has any known traitor revealed the existence of the Revolution? Has the Revolution and Roy-G-BIV ever been linked together?

Or is the RED-Clearance Revolution simply a name Don-U placed on HPD&MC's inability to control mind-dissolved, raving clones? Was the ICU incapable of withstanding the foamy acid attack of RED-Clearance berserkers? Were insufficient procedures taken to protect the installation against rioters? Did the loss of power deactivate the Gamma_Class_Security_Field, or did the Field never work at all? Would an audit of HPD&MC's finances reveal that certain subcontracting was under funded, and if so, where did the surplus go?

In short, in my review of treasonous organizations, I find no independent evidence of a RED-Clearance Revolution. At best I believe this is a misunderstanding caused by the chaos of the Four_Reactor_Foam_Flood and the Toothpaste_Disaster. At worse, it is a deliberate attempt to use an a complex-wide calamity to disguise a departments shortcomings or underhanded dealings.

Of course, this suggests that IntSec should now address the issue of the Little_Red_Disk. If it was not the target of a conspiracy during the Flood and Disaster, where is it now?



I still think there's something fishy about the disappearance of the Little_Red_Disk. All four reactors powering the Gamma_Class_Security_Field go down, the guards get dissolved, and the Disk disappears. Surely you're not blaming this on coincidence?

-- Jan-U-ARY-31

I'm sorry, I thought I was more clear than that. No, I don't blame the missing Little_Red_Disk on "coincidence." I'm just not blaming it on the so-called "RED-Clearance Revolution," and am suggesting that an investigation should be called to assign blame appropriately.


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