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The Megadent was the follow-on project after the failure of the ADC project. In reality, it was simply a souped-up, more active version of the ADC, in the same class of devices as the Easter_Bunny_Device. It utilized a number of tools, including Floss++, Whitener_Compounds, and Toothpasty_Supplement_#5 (with plans to upgrade to Toothpasty Supplement #6 when it was ready) to present the user with Total_Oral_Cleansing as part of the Citizen's Whole_Oral_Experience. Or so the proposed marketing brochures say.

It apparently was designed after the discovery of Defective_Batch_ACA675T09-XXXX's effects on the Denta-Bots project, thus it's nature (especially after the relative success of the Easter_Bunny_Device). The lack of Asimovs, though, meant it was somewhat rough toward its subjects during its test runs in three sectors (expanded to twenty, including DYT sector, in the wake of the Communist marketing campaign therein, a rollout that was not originally intended for several monthcycles).

The Megadents would roam the halls of the sectors, looking for Citizens with poor apparent dental hygiene, which it would then correct. At this stage of the project (so I'm told) casualty reports from such cleaning attempts are still unacceptably high, but that's the price you pay for progress, sometimes. Some of the casualty removal personnel in my sector had some difficulty with the ones with Floss++ strung through their entire gastrointestinal tract; I simply told them to think of it as making them easier to carry. I have not yet completed the paperwork to make this an approved use of the item in question, but I assure the CPU panelists it is on the way.

But I digress.

According to some documentation I've seen (and provided copies of to the rest of the panel), at least part of the Alternative_Troubleshooter_Team_Insertion_Conduit_(ATTIC) load of Toothpasty_Supplement_#5 that crashed in RON sector was intended for Megadents in ROT sector.

Refs: ADC, Alternative_Troubleshooter_Team_Insertion_Conduit_(ATTIC), Defective_Batch_ACA675T09-XXXX, Denta-Bots, Floss++, Toothpasty_Supplement_#5, Total_Oral_Cleansing, Whitener_Compounds, Whole_Oral_Experience

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-- Paul-U-LEG-5


So are these things still in operation anywhere? I mean, in significant numbers-- I understand that it's likely there's one or two running around somewhere still. Sure, they're better than the Denta-Bots but I've seen some of their... um... subjects and they look... um... Well, their teeth look pretty good, at least...

Has HPD&MC been informed they need to roll out a "gastrointestinal flossing" campaign once your New Use Application goes through?

-- Knok-U-OUT-6

I believe testing is ongoing in all twenty sectors.

As to the other thing, it won't be a problem. We'll rename the Floss++ something like "EZ Corpse Carry Thread." I intend to head up the dispenser testing once VPR Sector R&D is back online.

-- Paul-U-LEG-5

Sounds like someone programmed it for "Total Digestive Cleansing" instead of "Total Oral Cleansing". Either that or its food detection units are a bit TOO good.

-- Drake-U-LAH-2

I know what you mean. It's things like this that give the R&D services a bad name. I'm just glad it's not one of mine.

-- Paul-U-LEG-5

Ok, so let me get this straight... We had trouble with Dentabots with defective Asimov circuits, and so some bright clone decided that the best solution was to build a Dentabot with no AC's at all?

-- Mesh-U

So it would seem. It's things like this that give the R&D services a bad name (especially after the Easter_Bunny_Device). "But it's not a Bot" they say, "it's a mobile ADC." If I worked in that R&D firm, I'd have the offender executed, but it's not my say (at the moment).

-- Paul-U-LEG-5


2013-06-13 13:58