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ADC, or Automated Dental Care, was conceived four monthcycles ago as a new way to combat issues of Tooth_Decay and promote a better Whole_Oral_Experience and Baseline_Dental_Health. Planned as an expansion on and improvement to the Denta-Bots scheme, it was to consist of a special apparatus installed in each dormitory, to be used upon waking. The ADC machine would administer a Total_Oral_Cleansing, followed by the administration of a series of decay preventatives intended to serve as a bulwark against Tooth_Decay for a full daycycle, thereby saving valuable time otherwise wasted by citizens on hygiene-related ctivities. The ADC program ran into two major snags, which have currently stalled its development:

1) A conflict arose amongst the researchers when one segment of the R&D team demanded new testing parameters, requesting subjects "with more teeth and less excess citizen", arguing that the use of INFRARED_Citizens as test subjects was ultimately wasteful, as they invariably complained, screamed, and in some cases even treasonously refused to participate. This inadvertently led to the formation of a secondary team which created the notorious Megadent, and the subsequent executions of said team.

2) As part of the research into new 24-hourcycle decay preventatives, the team began work on Toothpasty Supplement #6, an intended replacement for the popular Toothpasty_Supplement_#5. Unfortunately, this was interrupted by a series of acts of sabotage, the responsibility for which has not yet been determined.


Refs: Baseline_Dental_Health, Denta-Bots, INFRARED_Citizens, Megadent, Tooth_Decay, Toothpasty_Supplement_#5, Total_Oral_Cleansing, Whole_Oral_Experience

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