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For those citizens who learn they possess mutant powers the glorious freedom offered by Our Friend The Computer to register their condition, and in some way atone for this treasonous difference in lifestyle, is something of a boon. For these people the alternative would normally be summary termination and dissection to further scientific understanding of the Mesolimbic_Aggregate_Dysfunction that is believed to prevent essential happiness and feelings of well-being that can turn Citizens into treasonous mutants. Though fundamentally flawed at the most basic genetic level, The Computer has willingly shown forgiveness and allowed self-confessed mutants to work for the good of Alpha Complex and in some way overcome, and rise above, the stigma of their treasonous heritage.

The Homologous Psychic Dissidents & Mutant Citizens are a Computer sanctioned support and social realignment club that allows registered mutants to buddy up and assist one another in turning around their wretched lives and giving something back to Alpha Complex. The club receives regular support in the form of targeted infoganda pamphlets, special edutainment programming with reinforced, maximum strength subliminal probity-enhancing content, and thoroughly researched, hardly ever experimental, dietary supplements and loyalty-bolstering Baseline_Dental_Health care.

However, enough of the background information - as the core of this report is that treasonously and haplessly mismanaged comport routing, situational assessment and medication protocols have led to direct incursions on secured sites by members of the Homologous Psychic Dissidents & Mutant Citizens - or HPD & MC. In essence, dangerous and unbalanced mutants have been traversing unhindered on the basis that they - the HPD & MC - were called in to attend to the situation, whatever that situation might have been.

There are filed requests, for example, for assignment of a HPD & MC team to relocate a misdelivered batch of synthe-wool jumpers and helium balloons from a storage shed on the edge of COL Sector to a recently renovated warehouse facility just inside the COL gate. The assigned HPD & MC team completed the task with minimal apparent trouble, but it was noted in an Internal Security report that the HPD & MC agents moved the jumpers and balloons in random armfuls and after half an hourcycle their hair was standing on end and each appeared to be attracting a lot of random lint and loose paper. Post COL_gate_incident incident reports indicate an odd concentration of static electricity in the area that could not be accounted for, as Power Services were all fully online and working at 100% efficiency.

Given that the incident destroyed a significant stockpile of Bile_Suppressant, a dietary supplement specifically used to limit mood swings such as those recorded in those affected by Mesolimbic_Aggregate_Dysfunction, it seems something more than a coincidence that the Homologous Psychic Dissidents & Mutant Citizens were involved.

A HPD & MC team was also involved in the initial decommissioning and salvaging operations at Nuclear_Facility_RON-372/B. A standard clean-up crew had been assigned until the daycycle prior to the demise of Action_Squad_Alpha. However, on the following daycycle, the original clean-up crew were reported dead, due to a clearly unrelated lethal dose of Tetron Radiation, and a call was put in for a replacement HPD & MC team, who arrived at 08h00 on the dot. When the Vulture Squadron were sent in to discover the fate of Action_Squad_Alpha there were no other Citizens on the premises, and yet Internal Security records show that no one had left the building since the original HPD & MC clean-up team had departed the nightcycle before. The genetic testing of the organic residue found on the warehouse floor showed only sufficient material to account for the missing Action Squad, and no one else. The disappearance of the HPD & MC team may suggest one or more mutants with the ability to tweedle the club off of the premises without being noticed. However, there is no evidence of what the team did while they were there nor what role they played in the Molecular_Dissolution_Reactions that turned Action_Squad_Alpha into clumps of gristly, stringy goo.

Furthermore, a HPD & MC team was responsible for recataloguing warehouses and stores across several sectors with the Friend Computer approved Simplified InfoGlyph Mnemonic Protocol labeling system. It is apparent from several catastrophic incidents, where - thankfully - no one was hurt apart from several dozen Infrared fatalities, that the labeling system was massively sabotaged. This incident utterly derailed what would otherwise have been a massively successful trial of the SIMP, and while senior HPD & MC operatives and overseers were taken to task (and, by and large, terminated for their own good), there was no clear evidence that would allow the individuals actually responsible for the mislabeling to be identified and rewarded appropriately for their misguided and treasonous behaviour - which included mixing up the stickers intended for a shipment of toothbrushes with those for a batch of Krypton_Difluoride_Welding_Rods.

This whole situation beggars belief, as it clearly shows absolute incompetence and mismanagement at the highest levels in HPD & MC. Not only were dietary supplement levels not adequately monitored in administration of the Homologous Psychic Dissidents & Mutant Citizens's requirements; but, in addition, totally inadequate investigation was pursued in identifying the involvement of the Homologous Psychic Dissidents & Mutant Citizens and alarming indifference was shown in rationalizing why calls to HPD & MC were being misrouted to a bunch of semi-medicated mutants and crackpot commies.

-- Costin-U-MOR-8

Ref: Krypton_Difluoride_Welding_Rods, Mesolimbic_Aggregate_Dysfunction

Cross Ref: Action_Squad_Alpha, Baseline_Dental_Health, Bile_Suppressant, COL_gate_incident, InfoGlyph, Molecular_Dissolution_Reactions, Nuclear_Facility_RON-372/B



Costin-U, I share your concern regarding the incident with the synthewool jumpers and balloons. I have had the affected mutants terminated just to be sure. I mean, imagine the computer's wrath in the event that one of the balloons had been damaged - I have heard rumors that the legendary "yellow smiley" balloon was among the items requisitioned for transport - if it had been that one... I shudder to think it. I would not want to be within four sectors of the computer's response if that had happened.

But really, I support the Hom Psychs, It keeps the Mutants off of the corridors making trouble. If they can be productive citizens, (and carefully watched) I say let them.

--- Toothy-U-NIX-4


2013-06-13 13:58